Downtown Jacksonville Issue Resolution Contacts

Download our Downtown Issue Resolution Contact Sheet to keep as a handy reference to know which organizations can help resolve which issues.


Stakeholder Support System

Downtown Vision, Inc. provides Downtown stakeholders in the Downtown Improvement District (bound by Market Street, Church Street, Broad Street and Prudential Drive) the ability to report Downtown cleanliness and maintenance issues and track them through resolution. Issues that can be reported via our new Stakeholder Support System include:

  • Broken windows
  • Graffiti
  • Human/pet waste
  • Light out
  • Litter & debris
  • Odor complaint
  • Property damage
  • Safety hazard
  • Spill
  • Tree fall (leaves/acorns)
  • Vandalism
  • Weeds

Once your complaint has been entered into the system, the Downtown Ambassadors will receive the information and take action to resolve the complaint within 24 hours.  Downtown Ambassadors are capable of resolving numerous issues on public property, including graffiti, human/pet waste, litter, odor issues, spills, tree falls and weeds.  Private property owners may also request graffiti abatement on their property (see Graffiti Abatement Service below).

Complaints about broken windows, street lights, property damage, safety hazards and vandalism will be reported directly to the City of Jacksonville or private property owner.

 Click here to report a Downtown cleanliness or maintenance issue.


Graffiti Abatement Service

Downtown Vision now provides graffiti abatement on private property within the Downtown Improvement District.  Downtown Ambassadors will use paint (provided by the owner) or green-friendly, non-hazardous graffiti removal chemical wipes to remove graffiti on private property.

To participate in this program, download and complete the Graffiti Removal Authorization Form below.  Return the form to our Director of District Services Jennifer Hewett-Apperson via fax to 904-634-8988 or email.

 Graffiti Removal Authorization Form | Download PDF


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