What is Eat Up Downtown?

Eat Up Downtown is a two-week annual event in August when participating restaurants in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville offer three-course meals at one of three price points:  $15, $25 or $35 per person.  From hip cafés to elegant upscale establishments, Downtown’s finest restaurants collaborate to bring you savory selections at unbeatable prices.

New this year, Foxy Lady Cruises will offer a special $45 menu. Seating is limited. 

*Prices do not include tax, tip or any additional fees.*


How do I get in on these limited time offers?

It’s actually quite simple.  Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. View the participating restaurants and their menus.
  2. Choose your destination.
  3. Book reservations directly with the restaurant of your choice.

That’s it!  Oh and don’t forget to show up hungry and ready to indulge!


What does a three-course meal consist of?

Menus vary per location.  We have a wide array of restaurants contributing to this event to ensure variety.  Whether you are in the mood for sushi, pizza, steak or sandwiches, Eat Up Downtown’s got you covered!  Make sure you save room for desert, too, for that might be included!  Some offers include drinks and others might include two entrees. Check out the menus to learn more.


How much does each three-course meal cost?

Each participating restaurant offers their selected menu at one of three price points:  $15, $25 and $35 per person. Foxy Lady Cruises will offer a special $45 menu. Visit  to see what each location has to offer.

*Prices do not include tax, tip or any additional fees.*


Do I have to choose from the prix fixe menu?

No, most restaurants run their standard menus as well.


What time does the event start each day?

Times vary for each participating restaurant.  When viewing the menus, don’t forget to check out the hours of operation for your location(s) of choice.


Do I need a coupon or a ticket?

No coupon clipping or ticket purchasing required.  Just make your reservation(s), and be there or be hungry!


Are reservations necessary?

Reservations are not necessary but highly recommended where available.  Often by the beginning of the promotion, some restaurants report that some of their nights are already booked.  Contact your restaurant of choice to confirm seating availability.


Can I go to multiple participating restaurants?

Of course–it’s Eat Up Downtown!  We encourage you to visit every participating restaurant Downtown.  Just make sure you confirm a reservation with each restaurant to guarantee a table.


Where do I park?

No worries.  Meter parking is free on weekdays after 6 p.m. and all day long on weekends. Additional parking recommendations are listed on each restaurant’s menu page, where applicable.  For a garage or lot, view our parking database to see which one best suits your needs.


What can I do before or after dinner?

Our Downtown events calendar will help you plan out a night of memories.

If you’re looking to check out Downtown’s nightlife scene, including The Elbow bars while you’re Downtown. Make sure to fill out your comment card, provided by the restaurant, to take advantage of the detachable BOGO drink coupon, etc.  Make it a night on the town!


Who do I contact if I have questions on menu, pricing and locations?

For all menu, pricing and location questions, please call the restaurant of your choice, phone numbers are listed on each menu page.


Can I enter any contests during Eat Up Downtown?

Yes. Enter Eat Up Downtown’s photo contest!  Prizes up for grabs will be announced soon!

Also, don’t forget to fill out your Eat Up Downtown comment card after your Downtown meal! All comment cards will be entered into a raffle to win one of four gift cards to the Eat Up Downtown restaurant of the winner’s choice.

Visit www.eatupdowntown for contests details.


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