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How much does it cost to park at a METER?

Extremely affordable by downtown standards, meters cost 25 cents for 30 minutes. Parking fees are enforced weekdays from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. PARKING IS FREE ON WEEKENDS AND AFTER 6 P.M.

What are the time-limits for meter parking? 

Time limits range from 30 minutes to four hours. All meters are labeled, and for your fun fact of the day: all yellow meters are 30-minute meters.  

What is the difference between meter times and zone times?

You may have a one-hour meter (can only pay for one hour at a time) in a three-hour zone, so you can legally "feed," or refill, the meter for a total of three hours when you initially park.

How can I pay for meter parking? 

Most meters take credit cards, however some “old-timey” change-only meters still exist so keep some quarters on hand.
How do I properly park at a meter? 

Your front bumper should be aligned with the parking meter, with the edge of your vehicle as close to the curb as possible while keeping your wheels intact.

Can I legally park at a nonfunctional meter?

It’s a gamble and probably not worth risking a citation. If you see a non-functioning meter, please report the location and meter number to (904) 630-CITY (2489) or by submitting a CARE COMPLAINT.

What if I find a parking spot Downtown with no meter?
No matter how crafty you may be, remember if you are not parked at a meter, you are illegally parked.

Where can I find disabled parking?

A disabled parking placard will allow you to park FREE at a meter for up to four hours.

Where can I park my oversized vehicle or RV?
Keep in mind that oversized vehicles should be aware of the height restrictions in parking garages. Curbside parking is best. When parking in a metered area, you must pay both meters if you take up another space.


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