Downtown Vision, Inc. regularly publishes information on Downtown, including market research, development updates, newsletters and annual reports. For past publications not listed below, please contact our director of district services, Jennifer Hewett-Apperson, at

2010 Downtown White Paper, Turning the Corner: Rethinking & Remaking Downtown 

This paper outlines eight broad principles necessary to move Downtown forward.  

 Turning the Corner: Rethinking & Remaking DowntownDownload PDF


State of Downtown Reports

These comprehensive reports include information on trends in Downtown development, employment, residential, retail, parking and more. 


2013 State of Downtown Report | Download PDF

2012 State of Downtown Report | Download PDF

2011 State of Downtown Report | Download PDF

 2010 State of Downtown Report | Download PDF

 2009 State of Downtown Report | Download PDF

 2008 State of Downtown Report | Download PDF

 2007 State of Downtown Report | Download PDF

 2006 State of Downtown Report | Download PDF


Downtown Development Updates

These updates outline Downtown development projects that are completed, under construction and proposed.

 Downtown Development Update, Summary of Projects Under Construction & Proposed, March 2013 | Download PDF

 Downtown Development Update, Summary of Completed Projects, March 2013 | Download PDF


DVI Annual Reports and Mid-year Updates

These reports detail Downtown Vision, Inc.’s efforts to build, maintain and promote a healthy and vibrant Downtown.

 FY 13/14 Annual Report |  Download PDF

 FY 12/13 Annual Report | Downtown PDF

FY 11/12 Annual Report | Download PDF

FY 11/12 Mid-year update | Download PDF

FY 10/11 Annual Report | Download PDF

FY 10/11 Mid-year Update | Download PDF

 FY 09/10 Annual Report | Download PDF

 FY 09/10 Mid-year Update | Download PDF

 FY 08/09 Annual Report | Download PDF

FY 08/09 Mid-year Update | Download PDF


Downtown Jacksonville Updates

These monthly emails report on changes occurring in Downtown Jacksonville, including news, developments, upcoming events, market trends and more.

November 2014 | Download PDF

October 2014 | Download PDF
September 2014 | Download PDF
August 2014 | Download PDF
July 2014 | Download PDF
June 2014 | Download PDF
May 2014 | Download PDF
April 2014 | Download PDF
March 2014 | Download PDF
February 2014 | Download PDF
 January 2014 | Download PDF


Prospective Business Information

Downtown’s open for business! Want to be a part of it? Here’s some helpful information for prospective (and existing) Downtown businesses. Check out our Doing Business section for even more information.

Downtown is a great place for business | Download PDF

 Downtown Safety Information | Download PDF


Downtown Vision, Inc. Presentations and Reports

Downtown Benchmarking Report 2014 | Download PDF

Downtown Benchmarking Dashboard 2014 | Download PDF

Downtown Benchmarking Report 2013 | Download PDF

Best Practices in Urban Parks | Download PDF

2012 Annual Meeting | Download PDF

2013 One Spark Board Presentation | Download PDF

2014 Food Truck Survey Results | Download PDF


Other Published Downtown Resources

PDF FINAL Downtown Investment Authority Business Investment and Development Strategy | Download PDF

PDF Downtown Investment Authority Feasibility Study Presentation | Download PDF

 PDF Downtown Retail Enhancement Plan and Application | Download PDF

Jax2025 Vision Report | View Report

PDF Downtown Marketing Survey Results | Download PDF

Office of Public Parking Presentation, Nov. 2012 | Download PDF

IBM Smarter Cities Challenge Grant - Jacksonville Final Report | Download PDF

3CDC Presentation - Fountain Square | Download PDF

3CDC Presentation - Washington Park | Download PDF


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