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By Teresa Durand-Stuebben, guest blogger

How do you take out trash? Where do you walk your dog?

No matter who I talk with about our major change from living in the suburbs to a condo on the Southbank Riverwalk, they ask the same questions. I find it interesting people are most curious about how I carry groceries, take out trash or walk my dog. Most are amazed when I reply it’s actually more convenient in several ways.

Bringing bags of groceries is much easier living Downtown; no longer do I make multiple trips from my car. Grocery shopping hasn’t changed; I pass Winn Dixie and Publix during daily commute as well as a new found charm, The Seafood Market on Hendricks Avenue. When I arrive at my designated space in my residential parking garage, I utilize one of the two versatile carts that are located on each garage level elevator lobby. The rolling carts easily hold my purse, briefcase, several groceries bags and dry-cleaning, making only one trip. It’s incredibly efficient, with the added bonus of less stress on my shoulders and back.


Urban living has also offered us the fantastic feature of a trash chute. I no longer have to deal or cringe about the possibility of crossing paths with Florida’s garbage fans – raccoon and roaches. I walk 18 steps in the air conditioning to our 15th-floor clean trash-chute closet. Don’t get me wrong, I love Florida’s nature – I am an outdoor gardening feign – but the elimination of the trash pests has been a plus.

Now the question about condo and urban life with a dog: this is where the perception of Downtown is skewed. To begin with, there’s been no day I have not been on the elevator with at least one dog. If you take the time to view the area from a Google satellite map, you can see all of the green spaces for pets and, of course, we have the Riverwalk. Not only are there plenty of areas to walk your dog, but there are several “dog stations” with sanitary bags and pet-waste stations, which are non-existent in suburban neighborhoods. Walking the dog has become another benefit of living Downtown.

Want to learn about living spaces Downtown? Visit our website directory.You can read Teresa’s previous blog post on living Downtown here.

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cfsThe St. Johns River is arguably one of Downtown Jacksonville’s best assets. In an initiative that began last year, the JAX Chamber and Community First Credit Union have partnered to celebrate the riverfront through a monthly event series, Community First Saturdays.

The event’s second season kicks off this Saturday, Sept. 7, to once again show appreciation for the river and, ultimately, Downtown.

As the name suggests, Community First Saturdays takes place 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every first Saturday of the month, September through June. Event happenings are concentrated behind the Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts along the Northbank Riverwalk. While the event often incorporates specific themes throughout its season, at its core are family-friendly activities focused on outdoor recreation and fitness.

Past activities include bike tours, fitness classes, walking tours, art classes, scavenger hunts and much more. In addition, there are always several food trucks set up at the event to cater to foodies and those in need of calories post-workout. This month, hang out with the Bold City Brigade, watch the Florida Gators vs. Miami Hurricanes game from your lawn chair, participate in a mini paint class, learn tai chi and browse community partner booths, to name just a few to-dos.

540304_499462983463934_789728950_nParking remains free this season at the former Duval County Courthouse on the east end of the Riverwalk. The Skyway also runs special Saturday hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during Community First Saturdays. For more information on this event, visit the Community First Saturdays blog and Facebook page, which will keep you updated on activities featured each month.

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Read up on a bit of Downtown’s unique entertainment history, and be sure to share the winnings when you dominate your next game of trivia.

  • Downtown’s Southbank was once home to “The Coney Island of the South,” an ostrich farm/amusement park named Dixieland. This tourist attraction included typical rides and exhibits, along with some unusual performances and activities, including lion wrestling.
  • Joseph LaRose created beautiful shoes in his Downtown warehouse, formerly located in the Main Library/MOCA Jacksonville area today. His trendy couture heels were popular with then-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Joan Crawford and the Jacksonville elite; LaRose never sold his shoes at discounted prices and would often refuse to sell them to a customer if he felt that they weren’t right for her. After his death, over 100,000 pairs of shoes were recovered from the warehouse and auctioned off. You can still buy some of his beloved shoes today and wear a piece of Downtown Jacksonville history on your feet.
  • This is a scene from the 1916 silent film Bouncing Baby, filmed on Forsyth Street.

  • Downtown Jacksonville saw one of Elvis Presley’s premiere performances. Aug. 10, 1956, the King serenaded a packed Florida Theatre. Juvenile Court Judge Marion Gooding was sitting in the front row, along with JSO officers, ready to put an end to the concert if Elvis used any of his signature provocative dance moves.
  • Downtown has been a stage for Hollywood films, including Lonely Hearts (2006) starring John Travolta.