DVI Intern Experience

By: Alexis TerKonda

Admiring artwork, trying new food trucks, and exploring Downtown Jacksonville sounds like what some may do for an exciting weekend activity. Luckily for me, I have had the opportunity to do this for the past several weeks as an intern for Downtown Vision. Interning at Downtown Vision has provided me with a variety of new experiences, as well as a valuable hands on learning experience that will be beneficial in the future.

I applied for the internship with Downtown Vision primarily to gain experience in the marketing field, as I am a marketing major at the University of North Florida. However, I am also a Jacksonville native that has grown up around the beaches, so Downtown Jacksonville was unfamiliar territory for me that I had an interest in learning more about.

As a marketing intern for Downtown Vision, I have worked on photography, social media, and website projects while also learning more about Downtown Jacksonville. On the first day of my internship I was handed a camera and asked to take photos of some of the murals that can be found around downtown. As a photography and art enthusiast, this was the perfect first-day-on-the-job assignment for me. I spent my morning exploring downtown and becoming familiar with over 10 large scale murals that were painted by artists from all over the world. With the photos I took, I was asked to write a blog post about the art I found. What I enjoyed most about this project was the fact that I was given complete freedom to structure the blog post however I wanted. As a first day intern, it was exciting to be trusted with complete control over a project.

Interning with a non-profit organization that promotes Downtown Jacksonville, I was given the opportunity to take a guided tour of the area to become more familiar with its history. Even though I have lived in Jacksonville almost my entire life, I came back from this tour with a new understanding of Jacksonville and the downtown area’s history. Who knew there was an entire underground tunnel system that connects the downtown banks or that Elvis Presley’s first indoor performance was at the Florida Theatre? I know I had no idea about any of this before taking the tour.

A major part of interning with Downtown Vision is First Wednesday Art Walk. On the first Wednesday of every month, rain or shine, 5,000 individuals spend the evening in downtown supporting local artists, performers, vendors, and food trucks that congregate around Hemming Park. While working the June Art Walk, I had time to visit many of the surrounding venues that participate in the event. Specifically, I got to spend some time in Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop where I found out they have chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick. It is definitely a dessert you don’t want to miss while in Downtown Jacksonville.

Interning with DVI has been a wonderful experience so far. I have loved learning from and collaborating with a team of people that have a shared love for the city I have grown up in. From this internship, I will take away a better understanding for the marketing field along with more confidence in my skills through the responsibility and freedom I was given while at Downtown Vision.

Loving #DTJax More Than I Already Did

By: Reggie Agulto

The urban core became my playground when I became acclimated with the city’s public transportation system at the tender age of 12. In fact, some of my best high school memories are in downtown Jacksonville – taking advantage of the city while I waited for my bus home. Since then, I have always found myself staying close to downtown.

Landing an internship at Downtown Vision the summer before my senior year in college has not only allowed me to indulge in my love for #DTJax but also to enhance my knowledge about the history of our city and broaden my network with amazing individuals that keep the city moving. To get a glimpse of my experience as a DVI intern, here’s my Top Five favorite things from this summer – so far.

  1. Learning Experience

Regardless of my major, I applied for the Marketing and Events Internship to learn more about event planning and marketing. I read the job description and thought: “This is one of my many passions” and said the same in my interview. Little did I know at the time, DVI was going to meet my expectations and more.

I have always been confident in my writing skills but AP format is not within the borders of my comfort zone. I am more honed in the Chicago and MLA style. Let’s just say that my first couple weeks consisted of draft after draft – it was a real humbling experience! Aside from writing, creating graphics is one of my responsibilities. Though I am notorious for designing flyers and social media content for organizations on campus at Jacksonville University, I was not an expert in Photoshop and InDesign – two softwares typically used by marketing companies. Honing my skills with these systems during and outside of my work hours gave me a sense of purpose and self-improvement.

So, if you’re looking for an interactive and enriching internship experience, I suggest looking at DVI!  After all, these summer internships shouldn’t just be another line in your resume – but something you enjoy.

  1. Fantastic People

Just as you should love what you do, it is also preferable that you enjoy the company of the staff members. Though a small office on the corner of Adams & Hogan Street, DVI is staffed with lively individuals who will guide you in your endeavors and make work days seem shorter. I can honestly say that I have yet to dread coming into work, I rather look forward to it actually – which I am certain has a lot to do with the people I am working with. And in addition to the office staff, I have also had the pleasure to meet some of the amazing Downtown Ambassadors who contribute a great deal to a “clean, safe and friendly” Jacksonville.

If you have yet to meet an ambassador, you can spot them around town in their distinctive orange polo shirts ready to assist in any way they can – some of those awesome individuals  include Lydia and Lionel who can be spotted cruising around the city on their segway!

  1. Prepping for Senior Year

As a history major with several department-related minors, writing is pertinent – especially come senior year when I have to conjure up my thesis paper. Being at DVI three days a week, some of my tasks include writing blogs, proofreading proposals and drafting social media posts. Regardless of the countless drafts I have written, I am no doubt grateful for these assignments and my supervisor’s creative criticism. They kept my brain moving and kept me writing which I believe will alleviate any summer blues once I get settled in my writing intensive course in the fall.

  1. New Hideouts

Touring the city with a Downtown Ambassador was one of my first memories as an intern. I learned so much more than I expected to! Thanks to this tour I became familiar with some downtown favorites outside of my scope of imagination – after all, I’m a creature of habit and that translated to the restaurants, coffee shops and museums I visited.

Adding to my list of #DTJax favorites includes J.L. Trent’s, my new seafood go-to, located underneath the BB&T Tower and inside the renovated underground tunnel. If you’re craving some peace and quiet with a view, above Trent’s is a shaded outdoor patio that you can access by stairs – perfect for lunch or for summer reading.

  1. Old Hideouts

“Know your city.” In my four years at JU, I found myself saying this to my peers – quite often.

Many college-aged students write-off the urban core, frequenting the St. Johns Town Center and the beaches instead. But #DTJax offers so many possibilities for all personalities. You’ve read about one of my new favorite spots but here are some classics – places that never get old no matter how often you go.

The fourth floor of the Main Library is a college student’s dream study hub – with row after row of tables, vintage blue lamps and natural lighting on the east wall. If you’re craving an outdoor study space, they have that too! On the second floor, you’ll find a large outdoor patio with rows of trees and a fountain.

Right next door is Chamblin’s Uptown which will celebrate its 10th anniversary this month. I’ve frequented this used bookshop since I was in my tween years! Being only a block or two from DVI, I have found myself there every Tuesday before heading to my internship. You can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee and good read to start the week off!

If you are a local who feels like you already know your way around #DTJax or an out-of-towner looking for a summer internship, don’t hesitate to visit the DVI’s website and see if it’s for you. Get ready to have a great time!

July is National Outdoors Month! To the surprise of many, the Jacksonville’s Urban Core is no stranger to outdoor activities. In fact, looking pass the high-rise buildings and architectural gems, downtown Jacksonville is home to not only businessmen, businesswomen, hipsters and musicians; but also outdoor enthusiasts. Though Jacksonville is known for its vast landmass that accounts for the city’s hiking and bike trails, endless beaches and internal waterways perfect for water sports fanatics; little know about the outdoor activities that downtown has to offer. In appreciation of the city’s limitless possibilities, here’s a short list of year-long outdoor activities you’ll find in #DTJax.

Be a TreeHugger

If you’re looking for something unique and low-cost to do with friends and family, look no further than the Treaty Oak Park. Located on the Southbank of the St. Johns River, the 250 year-old tree is a popular spot for family gatherings, outdoor picnics and relaxation in general. In fact, growing up in Jacksonville, some of our locals no doubt have climbed up the branches at one point in their lives.

For the bravehearts, the “octopus-like” tree provides 145 feet of branches for climbing. And if you climb all the way to the tree’s crown, you’ll find a 25 foot nook – perfect for naps and summer reading. If you’re not up for the climb, no worries. Because of the massive size of the tree, it gives visitors roughly 190 feet of shade – a good spot to get out of the Florida heat!

Biking the Riverwalk

Experience the city on a bike. One of the most popular activities in downtown Jacksonville is biking along the St. Johns River. The Northbank Riverwalk is the perfect cycling route to enjoy both an urban scenery and the cool breeze from the river.

The Northbank is a wonderful 2 mile ride between the Jacksonville Landing and the Riverside Arts Market. You will even ride through the Love Locks Bridge – which not only connects the downtown district with Riverside, but also a known spot for couples to symbolize their ‘unbreakable’ love.

For those looking for a longer ride, plan your route with the DTJax Map. You can’t go wrong with the three bridge loop over the Main Street, Acosta and Fuller Warren Bridges!

Paddling Through #DTJax

For the water sports enthusiasts, urban kayaking is a great alternative to exploring the city. It is a unique way to experience both the urban scenery and one of Jacksonville’s natural beauties. The Jacksonville Kayak Company offers guided tours in Downtown Jacksonville, taking off from the River City Brewing Company Marina.

Imagine this: seeing new angles of the city as you paddle under three of Jacksonville’s 13+ bridges, being swept away by the natural pulse of the River City. Though this recreational activity is not for beginners, if you are up for an adventure do not hesitate to book a tour with Jacksonville Kayak Company.

“Run, Forest, Run!”

Aside from cycling, the most common outdoor workout in the downtown district is running. Covering roughly four square-miles, the urban core is a runner’s world. From the riverwalk to the bridges to the hills, a workout junkie can get their full load of cardio while taking in the urban scenery.

The USA Track & Field website offers an extensive list of running routes within the #DTJax boundary – including the Northbank River 5K. If you’re feeling adventurous and up for a challenge, try the Hart Bridge Loop 12K.

Urban Yoga

Looking to de-stress? In the past couple of years, yoga has played a major role in stress management. Stress and anxiety is alive even in Jacksonville where “It’s Easier Here”; which is why free yoga sessions are offered throughout the week.

Unity Plaza in Brooklyn, dubbed as Jacksonville’s “central park”, along with the Winston Family YMCA offers Tuesday and Thursday yoga sessions year-long. With the built-in waterfront and tiered seating, the Unity Plaza is the ideal central spot for sunset yoga.

Now for the early birds looking for a healthy morning start, go further into Riverside and you’ll find yourself in Corkscrew Park commonly known for the weekly Riverside Arts Market. However, little known fact, before the hustle and bustle of the market traffic hits; Hot Spot Yoga’s Namie Rohack leads morning yoga from 9 – 10 a.m. every Saturday.

These are just some of the outdoor activities in Downtown Jacksonville. Explore the city and discover more possibilities – they are endless! For more activities, visit our directory here.


Looking for a place to enjoy dinner before a show or just for a night out? The dinner scene in Downtown is larger than you might think. Here’s a list of 30+ great places to have dinner in #DTJax!



Azucena Corner Deli | 100 E Forsyth St. | (904) 626-7600AR-801237910

Azucena Corner Deli is located in the heart of Downtown and offers the very first 10-tap PourMyBeer system in North Florida! They also offer wraps and meals freshly cooked with ingredients from local farmers and a broad selection of wine served in an authentic environment built by local carpenters and former felons getting back on their feet.

salmon_smBasil Thai Restaurant | 1004 Hendricks Ave | (904) 674-0190

Basil Thai & Sushi is a cornerstone in the Jacksonville community and has been recognized for its outstanding Thai cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. This restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. It is a go-to for classic and creative Thai cuisine in warm surroundings or for takeout.

Bay Street Bar & Grill | 119 E. Bay St. | (904) 419-3550 bay-street-bar-and-grill

Located in Downtown’s entertainment district, Bay Street Bar & Grill is where you can grab a slice of pizza or enjoy a more extensive menu that includes traditional pub fare, plus some choices leaning more toward fine dining!

Specializing in: 100% black angus burgers, served with fresh spring greens, sliced onion, fresh tomato and their signature spicy aioli; fresh jumbo wings tossed in signature sauces; and fully dressed hot and cold sandwiches. Vegetarians will also find some creative options on the menu. Plus, Bay Street Bar & Grill offers beers in bottles, cans and on tap, including a number of local craft brews, along with wine and a full bar!

0a97a612aa8c8c54ad72cda033a7822023059304bb’s restaurant and bar | 1019 Hendricks Ave | (904) 306-0100

Consistently voted one of the best restaurants in Northeast Florida, bb’s restaurant never ceases to please and surprise the palate of diners, locals and visitors alike! Located in the Southbank area, this buzzing bistro serves innovative New American dishes and sweets from a dessert case amid chic digs. Did we mention their dessert is a must?

Bellwether | 100 N. Laura St. | (904) 802-7745ls

Follow the pioneers behind Orsay, Black Sheep and BLK SHP at Intuition back Downtown at their latest restaurant, Bellwether! This fast-casual yet sophisticated restaurant offers an eclectic mix of regional fare, with a focus on thoughtfully crafted, locally sourced ingredients served along side gracious, southern hospitality. Featuring outdoor dining, a full bar and private dining options, Bellwether aims to lead the way in Downtown dining.

benny-s-steak-seafoodBenny’s Steak & Seafood | 2 Independent Dr., Suite 175 | (904) 301-1014

Located on the St. Johns River in the Jacksonville Landing courtyard, Benny’s offers a variety of fresh seafood and certified Angus beef steaks. Feast on specialties such as fresh crab cakes, Filet Christian, Benny’s Seafood Pot and the 22-oz. Cowboy Steak. Come dine indoors or enjoy the beautiful patio overlooking the St. Johns River. This restaurant also features a full bar, and is kid friendly.

BLK SHP at Intuition | 929 E. Bay St. | (904) 683-772029066321_1983660011963523_5201394193628397568_n

Local brews and great food go hand-in-hand. That’s why the folks at Black Sheep Restaurant brought their A-game to Intuition’s taproom menu! Visit the BLK SHP @ Intuition counter to enjoy made-to-order classics like the Brisket Sandwich and Shrimp Po’boy.

28166487_2106936609528376_4200744028725842861_nBreezy Jazz Club | 119 W. Adams St. | (904) 666-7562

Breezy Jazz Club is the premiere jazz club in Downtown! They feature live jazz musicians, great wine and a great dining experience. Enjoy a relaxing environment where you and your friends can come to hear great jazz and quality entertainment. Indulge in hand-made cuisine and drink the best wine and spirits in town! Side note: they also do Sunday brunch (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.)!

Burrito Gallery Downtown | 21 E. Adams St. | (904) 598-2922biz_FBBizLunch112906

Founded in early 2005, Burrito Gallery has been voted “Best Burrito” in Folio Weekly’s Best of Jax every year the category has existed. They offer fresh, hand-made, all-natural tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and salads. Their Brooklyn location also features a rooftop garden bar with Downtown skyline views and occasional live entertainment. In the Downtown location, local art is on display and live music or DJs are featured on the back deck during Art Walk. You can also enjoy a full liquor, beer and wine bar.

Candy-Apple-Cafe-Interior-with-People-50_54_990x660Candy Apple Café & Cocktails | 400 N. Hogan St. | (904) 353-9717

The Candy Apple Café & Cocktails is a full service restaurant located inside Sweet Pete’s Candy Co. Their menu is chic & whimsical; their scratch kitchen and cocktail program serves daily brunch, lunch and happy hour. Enjoy the day outside on their front porch, or eat inside and enjoy all the unique and colorful décor that resembles the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

Casa Dora Italian Restaurant | 108 E. Forsyth St. | (904) 356-82822e3b7a69-a9e0-45cf-940c-7ac9153fd8f0

An old favorite of downtowners, this cozy Italian restaurant features daily lunch specials and enticing entrees, like veal, seafood, and pizza. Their homemade salad dressing is a specialty.

cinco-2Cinco De Mayo | 2 Independent Dr. | (904) 329-2892

It’s always a fiesta at Cinco de Mayo! Come relax and enjoy an authentic Mexican meal and margarita along the St. Johns River at the Jacksonville Landing. Enjoy tacos, fajitas and burritos at this fast, casual spot.

Element Bistro & Craft Bar | 335 E. Bay St. | (904) 707-0474c700x420

Enjoy a healthy alternative to creative cuisine in Downtown. Enjoy fresh food prepared daily with a world-class lineup of chefs! You won’t be disappointed indulging in the elements at Element Bistro, Bar and Lounge.

JacksonvilleFionn MacCool’s Irish Pub | 2 Independent Dr., Suite 176 | (904) 374-1547

Drop by the award-winning Irish pub at the Jacksonville Landing for a night of great fun, food and live entertainment! There’s nothing quite like a genuine Irish pub experience. Enjoy food made from scratch with fresh ingredients, live music on Wednesdays and 40 beers on tap!

Gili’s Kitchen | 126 W. Adams St. #102 | (904) 475-140031150378_1760329594013725_3779808371394215936_n

In Jacksonville, there has never been a kosher butcher until now. Gili’s Kitchen offers fresh, premium cuts of meat and an international kosher food, with only fresh and quality ingredients. Gili’s Kitchen is ready to serve you at their new location, and deliver freshly prepared meals directly to your door!

hooters-2Hooters | 2 Independent Dr., Suite 103 | (904) 356-5400

This home of the world famous Hooters girls is where you’ll find great buffalo wings, oysters, burgers, sandwiches and clam chowder at the Jacksonville Landing. Plus, a full bar is served.

Indochine | 21 E. Adams St., Second Floor | (904) 598-5303phad-thai-lunch

Enjoy authentic Southeast Asian and Thai cuisine served in a beautiful atmosphere! They’ve been voted Folio Magazine’s “Best Thai Restaurant” for six consecutive years, the Times Union Bold City Best Thai two consecutive years, and “Top 50” for Jacksonville restaurants for two years! Go to Indochine to indulge in the best Thai, Sushi and Pho in Downtown.

72808Juliette’s Bistro + JBar at the Omni Hotel | 245 W. Water St. | (904) 791-4995

Located inside the Omni hotel, this award-winning stylish bistro offers fresh seafood, steaks and salads in a casual upscale atmosphere. Plus, their full service bar carries beers from all over the world! Perfect for a nice, intimate night out.

Kazu Sushi Burrito | 117 W. Adams St. | (904) 438-5020download

Want an even fresher take on sushi? Then Kazu Sushi Burrito is the place you want to be. They balance Hawaiian flavors with Japanese techniques. Using only the freshest ingredients, Kazu creates flavorful poke burritos, bowls and salads. Perfect for the health-conscious crowd on the go looking for good, clean eating with a twist. You can design your own or choose from their signature menu.

river-city-brewing-companyRiver City Brewing Company | 835 Museum Cir. | (904) 398-2299

River City Brewing Company is Jacksonville’s premier riverfront restaurant located on the Southbank of Downtown Jacksonville. The casually elegant 325 seat main dining room overlooks the beautiful St. Johns River and the skyline of Downtown Jacksonville. The menu offers dishes created with global flavor and culinary expertise including fresh seafood, tender steaks creative pasta dishes and chef’s daily creations.

Sake House | 1478 Riverplace Blvd #1 | (904) 306-2188cool-bar-area

Sake house offers a wide array of fine Japanese fusion cuisine, ranging from traditional dishes to new style entrees. Come ignite your taste buds at this fabulous sushi and grill. They offer a full bar with beer, wine, sake and cocktails to enjoy. Sake House is also available for any parties, business meetings, and relaxing or intimate dinners in this upscale restaurant. It is a great place for all occasions!

755fcbf640688ce63823e938d0ca5b28Spliff’s Gastropub | 15 N. Ocean St. | (904) 844-5000

With a commitment to quality, Spliff’s Gastropub serves up bold flavors to the downtown dining landscape. Offering a unique variation on “Gourmet Comfort Food”, the menu aims to have a little something for everyone. The bar features full liquor, a wall of rotating taps with craft and local beers, select wines, as well as daily events to entertain you while you dine. May we recommend their mural-filled back patio? Oh, it also has a bar.

Super Food and Brew | 11 E. Forsyth St. | (904) 723-1180xDUhvECK_400x400

Serving food with passion and purpose, this healthy, artisan gastropub serves delicious food and $4 craft beers all day, everyday. This food truck-turned-restaurant serves lunch and dinner five days a week, with live music on select evenings. They also have excellent catering options, call ahead and delivery.

348sTrellises Restaurant at Hyatt Regency | 225 E. Coastline Dr. | (904) 634-4540

Located in the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront, this cafe offers a casual dining atmosphere that features a buffet along with a la carte items. Enjoy your meal while gazing at the spectacular view of the river.

Zodiac Bar & Grill | 120 W. Adams St. | (904) 354-8283Zodiac-Bar-and-Grill-Jacksonville

This stylish hangout features a menu of Mediterranean and American fare. Never experienced Mediterranean food? The friendly staff will help you through the excellent buffet! Or, help yourself to a delicious panini, daily specials and vegetarian dishes. While at this stylish hangout, you can enjoy a full bar, espresso and hookahs.




03Chart House | 1501 Riverplace Blvd | (904) 398-3353

When it comes to Downtown’s waterfront restaurants, it doesn’t get much better than Chart House seafood restaurant. Located right on the Southbank and featuring unique and historic architecture, Chart House Jacksonville overlooks the city’s gorgeous riverfront and skyline. The St. Johns River is the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening or stylish happy hour, all while sampling some of the most creative Prime Rib, steak and seafood Jacksonville has to offer.

Cowford Chophouse | 101 E. Bay St. | (904) 862-6464cowfordchophouse3_1200xx2553-1436-0-136

Experience this icon restored. Cowford Chophouse is a new, two-story restaurant located in Downtown, within walking distance from the Florida Theatre. What was once a bank, this structure has been completely restored and refurbished with high ceilings, arched windows, stylish dining rooms and a rooftop bar and lounge. Their menu blends classic, coastal and Southern culinary styles for a distinctive dining experience!

wellmortMorton’s The Steakhouse | 225 E Coastline Dr. | (904) 354-4350

Morton’s The Steakhouse is an upscale chain conveniently located in Downtown at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront. Focusing on quality, consistency and genuine hospitality, Morton’s seeks to provide not only memorable cuisine, but also a memorable experience. With fresh, succulent seafood and famed prime-aged steak, it’s no surprise that Morton’s has thrilled diners all over the world.

River Club | 1 Independent Dr. #3500 | (904) 354-1111443567_l

Located at the top of the Wells Fargo Center, this two-story private club is a great place to meet and greet clients and friends, and host special events such as weddings and business dinners. The River Club readily hosts large meetings, intimate gatherings and special events. Their menu is designed for a variety of dining tastes and experiences.

ruth-chrisRuth’s Chris Steak House | 1201 Riverplace Blvd | (904) 396-6200

The riverfront location on the St. Johns River offers the best steakhouse experience in Jacksonville. Ruth’s Chris’ signature sizzling plates and award-winning wine list are the perfect pairing for any occasion. Begin your romantic evening at the Southbank River Walk, and then head to the Ruth’s Chris riverfront bar for a signature cocktail, followed by a decadent dinner in the elegant dining room.



FOR A QUICK BITE – Limited dinner hours may apply.

An Apple a Day | 2 Independent Dr., Suite 121 | (904) 353-2024 apple

They’ve got you covered from morning to night! It doesn’t matter if you’re coming for the fresh-squeezed orange juice, grab-n-go sandwich, or a delicious daiquiri after work! Enjoy healthy fresh garden salads, tuna & chicken salads and homemade soups. Stop by anytime and discover the difference An Apple A Day can make. Located inside the Jacksonville Landing.

BigPetes021_400x400Big Pete’s Pizzeria | 118 N. Julia St. | (904) 356-2680

Big Pete’s Pizza has always given the people of Jacksonville quality food, fast delivery and great customer service, all at an affordable price. Every day, their pizza, pasta, dough and sauces are prepared fresh in their kitchens. Serving robust flavors and hearty portions, they serve the finest hand-tossed pizza around.

Burritos Puebla | 440 W. Adams St. | (904) 442-3963burritos

Located conveniently across from the Courthouse, this Mexican restaurant offers fresh and authentic Mexican food Monday through Friday for the busy workweek or after a long day of jury duty.

chicago-3Chicago Pizza | 2 Independent Dr. | (904) 354-7747

In the mood for deep-dish pizza and Chicago-inspired eats? Look no further than Chicago Pizza at the Jacksonville Landing! Enjoy a casual, upbeat environment with plenty of TVs and occasional live music.

Jenkins Quality Barbecue | 830 N. Pearl St. | (904) 353-6388pearl

Jenkins Quality Barbeque is a family business serving Jacksonville for more than 50 years, so they know what they’re doing.  Serving the freshest, most succulent ribs, chicken and sliced pork and beef, cooked daily on an oak wood-fired pit and topped with their secret savory sauce.  Conveniently located across from FSCJ and one block from the Rosa Parks Transit Station.

616997_WJ7FLT5EFJLqzLP_Iy23UqRxq-JiKKm0_9piiX-qcSQJimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches | 201 N. Laura St. | (904) 400-7171

Looking for a quick, good sandwich or sub? Look no further than Jimmy John’s at the core Downtown location! Enjoy from-scratch food made with excellent ingredients. They serve sandwiches, chips, cookies and non-alcoholic beverages.



 There are dining options for every taste in #DTJax! Don’t forget, parking is free in Downtown on weekends and any weekday after 6 p.m. For more information on dining or parking, visit our website at www.downtownjacksonville.org

With major development projects on the horizon and more people coming to live and work in Downtown Jacksonville, it has become a great place for entrepreneurs and small businesses to put down roots. There are so many businesses that are unique to DTJax, some that you may have heard of as well as a few hidden gems. “Found in DTJax” is your guide to the shops, restaurants and venues that you can ONLY find in Downtown Jacksonville.

FORGE 3D Printing Studio

forgeWhen the founders of FORGE first experienced 3D printing on YouTube, they were immediately inspired by the potential of that technology. Having little access to the materials and machines necessary to begin their creations, they traveled 200 miles to Tampa to bring custom manufacturing to Jacksonville. Founded in 2013, FORGE made 3D printing technology accessible in Jacksonville by offering simplified digital manufacturing technologies to inspire innovation locally. This technique is changing the world and is capable of bringing the joy of creation to everyone. FORGE is an attitude sharpened by the challenges and passion that innovation creates.

FORGE does great things in and around the community, such as showcasing their works at events like First Wednesday Art Walk and One Spark, and helping create 3D printed parts for displays in the Florida Museum of Natural History. Here are a few noteworthy things about their work:
3D Design & Scanning3d scanning

For all of your tech needs: FORGE designs modeling for manufacturing, prototyping and creates digital presentation assets for web or video. 3D modeling (the product of design) is the process of developing a representation of any surface of an object in 3D using specialized software. FORGE also specializes in 3D scanning, such as full color 3D printed miniatures of loved ones, pets and special occasions. It brings your images to life! Something you didn’t know you needed, but now you do. You can even book appointments here.


3d printing3D Printing – From Mettle to Metal

Since the beginning, FORGE has been using 3D printing to provide on demand, custom manufacturing solutions. They’ve had samples created from every current technology and design around those limitations. They create fast prototypes of your innovations and inventions, and can produce trophies that will become sentimental souvenirs.



Product Design and Creation product development

Have a project that needs more than printing? They design logos, websites and promotional services and can support your product as it enters the market. Plus, FORGE offers branding and development services, too!

Stop by FORGE 3D today and check out their studio and works! #FORGEyourFuture.

Easter Blog Graphic

Easter is only a few days away! That means that it’s time to make plans, find a delicious brunch location or festive event for the whole family to enjoy. #DTJax has plenty of family-friendly options to celebrate the holiday and make lasting memories.

Easter Sunday Brunch at NOLA MOCA | 333 N. Laura St.

From 11:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m., brunch will include a buffet of fresh salad greens, pastries and an entree from the menu. Cost of tickets also includes admission into MOCA’s art galleries. You can call to make a reservation at 904-224-0113 and purchase your ticket here.




Easter Brunch Buffet at River City Brewing | 835 Museum Circle

River City Brewing will be holding their Easter Sunday Brunch from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They will be offering a breakfast station, a seafood station, a cold station with fruits and veggies, a carving station, hot entrees and assorted desserts. You can find more information by visiting their website and make reservations by calling 904-398-2299.


Easter Bash at Sweet Pete’s Candy | 400 N Hogan St.

Sweet Pete’s highly anticipated Easter Bash has been extended another day! Easter Bash Day 2 will commence on March 30 from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Activities will include an appearance from the Easter Bunny, story time with Mother Goose, marshmallow decoration, style crafts and taffy pulls. You can purchase tickets here.



Other Tasty Options


Bay Street Bar and Grill | 119 E Bay St.
Bay Street Bar and Grill opens at 1:00 p.m. and offers a laid-back atmosphere with traditional pub meal options, plus some choices that lean more toward fine dining for a fantastic dinner.

Breezy Jazz Club | 119 W Adams St.
“Jacksonville’s Coolest Breeze” is open from 12 to 4 p.m. for Sunday brunch, serving up a unique atmosphere full of music and delicious tastes.

Juliette’s Bistro (inside the Omni Hotel) | 245 Water St.
Juliette’s Bistro is open from 11-2 for Sunday brunch! Enjoy a variety of brunch favorites including southern-style plates like chicken and waffles, and bottomless mimosas.

You can also check out our latest blog post that lists many unique chocolatiers around #DTJax that also offer yummy and festive Easter treats!

Chocolate Blog Graphic (fun)Everyone’s favorite sweet treat is chocolate; that’s why we celebrate it for an entire week. In 2018, March 18-24 is American Chocolate Week and what’s a better excuse to cheat on your diet? #DTJax is overflowing with options of decadent chocolate snacks at every turn, from Laura Street to the Jacksonville Landing! We have chain stores and small businesses that have become a staple of #DTJax that offer a unique taste of our beautiful city.

Coastal Cookies 2 Independent Dr., Suite 136 (Inside the Jacksonville Landing)

Founded in 1977, Coastal Cookies offers fresh, handmade cookies with delicious flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal and more that you don’t want to miss out on!




Mocha Misk’i Brownie Shop | 209 N. Laura St.

Described as “Possibly the best brownies in Jacksonville” by Jax Restaurant Reviews, Mocha Misk’i was founded in 2015 by sisters Helga and Pilar on 209 N Laura Street in #DTJax. Their brownies and signature brownie sushi rolls are handmade from scratch, with vegan, gluten-free and nut-free options. You can also order boxes of their deliciously crafted brownies with messages on them for birthdays, holidays and other special events!


Peterbrooke Chocolatier | 100 W. Bay St.

You can find one of the largest arrays of chocolate treats around on 100 W Bay Street. Baskets of chocolate covered popcorn, oreos, almonds, blueberries, cherries, pretzels, and graham crackers await you at Peterbrooke! Whether you’re a fan of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate, you can find it all here.


Sweet Pete’s Candy | 400 N. Hogan St.

Sweet Pete’s manufactures handcrafted, quality chocolates and over a thousand different candies at 400 N Hogan Street since 2010. You can host birthday parties, attend interactive activities like Sweet Pete’s Science Class and candy-making classes. Create a box of signature chocolates and candies to give as a gift (or keep for yourself), as well as gift baskets and more!


Satisfy your sweet tooth and discover new places in #DTJax during American Chocolate week. Check out our full directory here for tasty restaurants, lively bars and unique cafes.


Whether you’re a seasoned runner or are looking for a good “starter race”, #DTJax’s race schedule has a race for every level! Check out what’s scheduled so far in 2018.

ffac-greet-inset17Fight For Air Climb | February 3

The Fight For Air Climb will be held on February 3 at 8 am at the Bank of America tower! Participants will climb 42 doors (838 steps) to benefit the American Lung Association! You can register to make strides for healthy lungs and clean air here.


Running of the Bulls 5k | February 18

The Running of the Bulls 5k begins at Intuition Ale Works (929 E Bay St.) on February 18, at 8:30 am! The 5k borrows its theme from the The Running of the Bulls held in Spain every July. With the Jacksonville RollerGirls as bulls, participants will be chased throughout Downtown Jacksonville! Participants will also be treated to an after-party with race awards, beer, live music, and complimentary food and drinks from BlkShp! You can register for the event here.


MOO-VE IT 5k | March 3

The MOO-VE IT 5k will begin at 10 am on March 3, hosted by the Cowford Chophouse! Proceeds from the race will benefit the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center and the Open Doors Outreach Network! Open Doors administered by Voices for Florida to improve the care, coordination, and outcomes for commercially trafficked children during their recovery process. You can register for $35 until February 25, and then prices increase, so register today here!


spt_09GateRiverRunCourse031012Gate River Run | March 10

The Gate River Run will begin on Gator Bowl Blvd. on March 10, at 8:30 am. For directions, parking information, and registration information, click here.


Run 13.1 | March 25

On Sunday, March 25, at 7 am, come out to the Run 13.1 held at Confederate Park! You can register here for the half marathon ($40) or the 5k ($27).


Montoya Associates  Corporate Run 5k | April 19

Join Montoya and Associates for the Corporate Run 5k on April 19, at 6:30 pm. The run/walk is open to all individuals, and benefits Duval County High School Cross Country and Track Programs. For pricing information and registration, click here.


Run For The Pies | June 10

On Saturday, June 10, join the Jacksonville Landing at 7 pm for Run For The Pies! 200 pies will be given away at the finish line to men who break 20 minutes, and women who break 24 minutes, until they run out! This event also includes a post-race celebration and a huge raffle giveaway! You can register for the fun here.


vestcorVestcor Bridge Run | July 21

On Saturday, July 21, come out to Water Street for the Vestcor Bridge Run! After the race, runners can enjoy free food, drinks, live music, and giveaways!


Lung Force Run/Walk | August 25

Join the Jacksonville Landing at 8 am on August 25, for the Lung Force Run/Walk. The support funds key lung cancer research and provides impacted people with necessary resources and assistance. The cost of registration is $25!


Zero Prostate Cancer Run | September 15

The Zero Prostate Cancer Run will be held at Intuition Ale Works at 9 am on Saturday, September 15. The funds raised from ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk – Jacksonville are invested around the country to provide research for new treatments, free prostate cancer testing, and educate men and families about prostate cancer. Registration not yet available.

Monster Mash Dash 5k | October 19

The Monster Mash Dash will be held at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds on October 19. Costumes are encouraged for this wacky 5K, where children and families can enjoy food, fun and live entertainment. It’s the perfect way to feel better about all those delicious Halloween goodies you’ll enjoy the next day at Halloween Doors & More.  Your registration helps support quality care for medically complex children in Northeast Florida! Registration not yet available.

Military Half Marathon and Freedom 5k | October 20

The Military Half Marathon and Freedom 5k will be held at Metropolitan Park on October 20. The purpose of the event is to strengthen the bond between the civilian and military communities, promote sound physical health and fitness, and to raise money for charities. As a non­profit event, proceeds from this race are donated to numerous charities such as United Service Organizations (USO), America’s VetDogs, Homes for our Troops, Care 4 R Troops. veteran and local youth leadership charitable organizations. Registration not yet available.

Vystar New Year’s Eve Run | December 31 

On Monday, December 31, at 2 pm, the Jacksonville Landing is hosting the Vystar New Year’s Eve Run! You can register here for only $40!