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We ‘re celebrating Culinary month and we wanted to shine a light on some quirky restaurants around #DTJax. Now, what makes a restaurant or cafe “quirky”? The definition of quirky is “strikingly unconventional or unusual in  an appealing way”.  So if you’re craving more variety, are tired of going to the same restaurants and cafes, then check out this list we’ve put together!



Nature’s Table| TIAA Bank Center- 301 W. Bay Street

 It’s summertime and we all strive to be healthy and active but healthy doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice great taste. Head over to Nature’s table were they strive for “ a blend of the traditional and the new, healthy and indulgent”.

You and your family can order great food from their menu, like gourmet wraps ,toasted sandwiches, signature salads and flavorful protein bowls. Their food is unique and healthy, but what makes them quirky is that their cups are eco-friendly and they are partnered with a charity called Feeding Children Everywhere. Nature’s table has several locations and for more information about hours of operation,  visit their website.



Urban Grind| 45 W. Bay Street

 The best way to start off your morning is with a fresh cup of coffee. Urban Grind is a quiet  and quaint cafe where you can relax by yourself or get coffee and catch with friends. Enjoy the rustic vibes and greenery at Urban Grind, that’s open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

People mainly go here for coffee but they are also known for their fresh gourmet sandwiches, soups or fresh salads. This place will definitely make you feel happy and relaxed. For more information about the; hours of operation, visit their website.




David Vasquez is Downtown Vision, Inc.’s resident power washing specialist.  If there’s graffiti or grime reported by a Downtown resident, business owner or visitor, David is deployed to clean it up and make it look like new.  He enjoys his work, his colleagues, and helping to make Downtown a little bit more beautiful every day.

Hailing from Southern California, David moved to Jacksonville in 2006 but was directly impacted by the Great Recession, losing his job and having to live in a car for eight months.  He had been working for three different Downtown restaurants when word of a Block By Block Downtown Ambassador position reached him. David wasn’t sure exactly what DVI’s Downtown Ambassadors did, but he visited the office to apply for the position, mostly out of curiosity.  As soon as he walked in, several Ambassadors recognized him, having been served by him many times in the past.

At the impromptu interview, Bill Wimmer, Program Manager for the Downtown Ambassadors, told David that he had an opening for a Safety Ambassador — someone who would be able to give directions, provide safety and umbrella escort services, keep a watchful eye, and direct individuals in need of social services to the various organizations which provide that type of assistance.  Having once been homeless himself and already having a rapport with several current homeless individuals, Bill and David agreed that the position would be a good fit.

As the needs of Downtown changed, the Clean and Safe Ambassador Program grew and expanded to require a full-time, dedicated power washing specialist.  David, having worked in the program since 2012, and familiar with the power washing process and equipment, volunteered to be the one to stay on top of and get ahead of the high-powered cleaning needs of Downtown.  Even though it’s been over six years, David enjoys his job and hasn’t felt the time go by. “It really doesn’t feel like that long,” he says, marveling. “Maybe only two or three years.”

David also provides power washing services for JAX Chamber, as well as a few of the private businesses Downtown whose owners have been impressed with his work.  In addition to his scheduled power washing services, he is the one-man response team on call when individuals report graffiti or grime to the Downtown Ambassador Clean Team.  On days when call volume is low, he helps his fellow Ambassadors in their various projects, occasionally making contact with some of the homeless and transient individuals he worked with as part of the Safety Team when he started, urging them to contact Social Services Outreach Specialist Cindy Ray so she can help them find a place to stay, medical care, and job training.

David’s experience with homelessness in Downtown and subsequent personal and professional successes while working as an Ambassador, highlight an important truth: the intersection between vastly different cultures and life experiences can occur in a single individual.  A tiny thread, but one that stretches far, bringing vital perspective to the oftentimes overlooked and misunderstood issue of homelessness and transience in urban centers. David is living proof that there’s life and success after homelessness; he would never claim that it is an easy transition, that simple desire is all it takes, but neither is homelessness a life sentence.  With the right tools, resources, support, and hard work, David has completely altered his personal narrative and is a very much loved and respected member of the Ambassador and DVI teams.

Learn more about the Downtown Ambassador Program here.

Cindy Ray, LMHC

When meeting Cynthia “Cindy” Ray, the first thing you might notice is her bright, kind eyes and genuine smile. She is a people-person to her core and has an innate way of making a complete stranger feel like an old friend in just a few moments. Her voice is clear with a slight Boston accent that gets stronger when she is speaking to something she is passionate or excited about. For Cindy, there’s nothing more exciting than the work she does every day in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville.

Cindy is the Social Services Outreach Specialist enlisted by Downtown Vision’s Clean and Safe Ambassador Program. She has spent her career in service to others, starting off as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with her own private practice in Daytona Beach, and serving for ten years on the Board of Directors for a homeless outreach nonprofit in the Daytona area. After a few years pursuing ministry work with her spouse in Oregon, they came to Florida and settled in Jacksonville. Cindy was working as a therapist in the Crisis Stabilisation Unit of a correctional facility when she saw an opportunity to join the Ambassador Program, which dovetailed her mental health counseling background with her faith and love of serving and supporting the community.

When she first began her current position, most of her day was spent introducing herself to and establishing relationships with homeless and transient individuals in Downtown’s 90-block Business Improvement District. She emphasizes that credibility and rapport with the individuals she serves are vital to both her and their success in pursuing the goal of the Ambassador Program: to connect homeless and transient individuals with social services providers and resources to improve their circumstance. She proclaims with sparkling eyes and a bit of a laugh: “there is no such thing as a typical day, really.”

“There is no such thing as a typical day!” – Cindy Ray

Cindy’s priority with most of the homeless and transient individuals she meets is to get them somewhere to stay as soon as possible. “If they need housing and those services; my primary goal is to get them to Quest and the Housing Authority.” Quest is an outreach program run by the Florida Mental Health Resource Center to “assist individuals who are homeless with finding and obtaining housing,” and the Jacksonville Housing Authority spearheads “a variety of programs to fit the needs of low and moderate income families, senior and handicapped adults in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area”

The data supports this approach. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration — “SAMHSA,” an agency under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services — “[s]table housing provides the foundation upon which people build their lives. Without a safe, affordable place to live, it is almost impossible to achieve good health or to achieve one’s full potential” (SAMHSA, 2017). The Quest Program not only seeks to ensure individuals have a place to live, but it also matches individuals with the types of accommodation that best suit their specific needs, as well as prioritizes those who have the greatest need and highest vulnerability to get into housing as quickly as possible.

Cindy traverses the streets of the Business Improvement District, notebook in hand, a friendly smile on her face, checking the progress of the individuals she has been working with, as well as greeting new faces, learning their stories, and determining their specific needs. On her rounds, she notes the time of day, the areas of her encounters, and captures demographic information so she can more efficiently reach the greatest amount of homeless and transient individuals as possible. She’s currently the only Social Services Outreach Specialist, but she’s optimistic the program will expand and grow with continued community support. “Having more outreach on the ground is a critical piece of the solution.”

There is already a host of support from various organizations in and around Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority has donated two wheelchair-accessible vans to the program that allow Cindy to transport individuals to social service appointments in a safe and timely way. Cindy also works closely with other Ambassadors, leveraging their knowledge of the areas she should focus on and individuals they have seen who look like they could use her help.

Not every homeless or transient individual needs significant intervention or assistance. Many times, all a person needs is a little boost of confidence from someone who cares, and that’s something Cindy is enthusiastic to offer. “There is a feeling of hopelessness, like ‘this is just the way it is.’ One of my biggest goals is just to encourage people that their situation can change. It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Cindy doesn’t keep regular office hours, but individuals needing assistance can book appointments with her in order to find out what resources are out there and get help filing for assistance. Scheduling an appointment can help individuals avoid save time waiting in line. During those appointments, she can help with overcoming some of the barriers that individuals encounter while attempting to access resources. “If somebody doesn’t have a cell phone, or don’t have access to the Internet, or even know how to use the Internet, they can’t access a lot of great resources.” Cindy has access to the technology they need in order to file paperwork. This kind of approach allows people to advocate for themselves, take a proactive approach to their circumstances, and empowers them as individuals.

“One of my biggest goals is just to encourage people that their situation can change. It doesn’t have to be this way.” – Cindy Ray

Cindy also spoke about some of the stigmas and misinformation that surrounds homelessness. “The homeless population really care for one another. They watch each other’s backs, for the most part. The sense of belonging is big out there; they think: ‘these people over here are in the same boat I am, they can relate to me.’ We all need that sense of connection and belonging. In fact, they fear for their lives, too, on the street. A lot of times they say: ‘I’m afraid of being out here … I’m not the one hurting anybody.’”

Cindy was also emphatic about offering individuals longer-term assistance than just giving them food or money directly. “If someone is panhandling, please don’t give money. There are a lot of places that will feed people — the Sulzbacher Center is one. So I would ask people to direct the person to services instead, to try to connect them to services instead of giving money.” It’s another way to empower individuals to take the initiative to help themselves and make positive, constructive choices that will pay off both in the short and the long term.

The final thoughts Cindy wanted to share about the community she works so closely with and spends the majority of her waking hours advocating for came slowly, carefully, but no less passionately than she had been speaking the rest of the morning. “Not everybody on the street is dangerous. They have a lack of choice and direction. Pray for people. Volunteer where you can at organizations that are helping. If you want to help in some way, go to wherever you feel drawn that’s trying to help homeless and transient individuals. Advocate, be a voice, wherever you see that to be.”

Cindy Ray
Social Services Outreach Specialist

DVI Intern Experience

By: Alexis TerKonda

Admiring artwork, trying new food trucks, and exploring Downtown Jacksonville sounds like what some may do for an exciting weekend activity. Luckily for me, I have had the opportunity to do this for the past several weeks as an intern for Downtown Vision. Interning at Downtown Vision has provided me with a variety of new experiences, as well as a valuable hands on learning experience that will be beneficial in the future.

I applied for the internship with Downtown Vision primarily to gain experience in the marketing field, as I am a marketing major at the University of North Florida. However, I am also a Jacksonville native that has grown up around the beaches, so Downtown Jacksonville was unfamiliar territory for me that I had an interest in learning more about.

As a marketing intern for Downtown Vision, I have worked on photography, social media, and website projects while also learning more about Downtown Jacksonville. On the first day of my internship I was handed a camera and asked to take photos of some of the murals that can be found around downtown. As a photography and art enthusiast, this was the perfect first-day-on-the-job assignment for me. I spent my morning exploring downtown and becoming familiar with over 10 large scale murals that were painted by artists from all over the world. With the photos I took, I was asked to write a blog post about the art I found. What I enjoyed most about this project was the fact that I was given complete freedom to structure the blog post however I wanted. As a first day intern, it was exciting to be trusted with complete control over a project.

Interning with a non-profit organization that promotes Downtown Jacksonville, I was given the opportunity to take a guided tour of the area to become more familiar with its history. Even though I have lived in Jacksonville almost my entire life, I came back from this tour with a new understanding of Jacksonville and the downtown area’s history. Who knew there was an entire underground tunnel system that connects the downtown banks or that Elvis Presley’s first indoor performance was at the Florida Theatre? I know I had no idea about any of this before taking the tour.

A major part of interning with Downtown Vision is First Wednesday Art Walk. On the first Wednesday of every month, rain or shine, 5,000 individuals spend the evening in downtown supporting local artists, performers, vendors, and food trucks that congregate around Hemming Park. While working the June Art Walk, I had time to visit many of the surrounding venues that participate in the event. Specifically, I got to spend some time in Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop where I found out they have chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick. It is definitely a dessert you don’t want to miss while in Downtown Jacksonville.

Interning with DVI has been a wonderful experience so far. I have loved learning from and collaborating with a team of people that have a shared love for the city I have grown up in. From this internship, I will take away a better understanding for the marketing field along with more confidence in my skills through the responsibility and freedom I was given while at Downtown Vision.

Loving #DTJax More Than I Already Did

By: Reggie Agulto

The urban core became my playground when I became acclimated with the city’s public transportation system at the tender age of 12. In fact, some of my best high school memories are in downtown Jacksonville – taking advantage of the city while I waited for my bus home. Since then, I have always found myself staying close to downtown.

Landing an internship at Downtown Vision the summer before my senior year in college has not only allowed me to indulge in my love for #DTJax but also to enhance my knowledge about the history of our city and broaden my network with amazing individuals that keep the city moving. To get a glimpse of my experience as a DVI intern, here’s my Top Five favorite things from this summer – so far.

  1. Learning Experience

Regardless of my major, I applied for the Marketing and Events Internship to learn more about event planning and marketing. I read the job description and thought: “This is one of my many passions” and said the same in my interview. Little did I know at the time, DVI was going to meet my expectations and more.

I have always been confident in my writing skills but AP format is not within the borders of my comfort zone. I am more honed in the Chicago and MLA style. Let’s just say that my first couple weeks consisted of draft after draft – it was a real humbling experience! Aside from writing, creating graphics is one of my responsibilities. Though I am notorious for designing flyers and social media content for organizations on campus at Jacksonville University, I was not an expert in Photoshop and InDesign – two softwares typically used by marketing companies. Honing my skills with these systems during and outside of my work hours gave me a sense of purpose and self-improvement.

So, if you’re looking for an interactive and enriching internship experience, I suggest looking at DVI!  After all, these summer internships shouldn’t just be another line in your resume – but something you enjoy.

  1. Fantastic People

Just as you should love what you do, it is also preferable that you enjoy the company of the staff members. Though a small office on the corner of Adams & Hogan Street, DVI is staffed with lively individuals who will guide you in your endeavors and make work days seem shorter. I can honestly say that I have yet to dread coming into work, I rather look forward to it actually – which I am certain has a lot to do with the people I am working with. And in addition to the office staff, I have also had the pleasure to meet some of the amazing Downtown Ambassadors who contribute a great deal to a “clean, safe and friendly” Jacksonville.

If you have yet to meet an ambassador, you can spot them around town in their distinctive orange polo shirts ready to assist in any way they can – some of those awesome individuals  include Lydia and Lionel who can be spotted cruising around the city on their segway!

  1. Prepping for Senior Year

As a history major with several department-related minors, writing is pertinent – especially come senior year when I have to conjure up my thesis paper. Being at DVI three days a week, some of my tasks include writing blogs, proofreading proposals and drafting social media posts. Regardless of the countless drafts I have written, I am no doubt grateful for these assignments and my supervisor’s creative criticism. They kept my brain moving and kept me writing which I believe will alleviate any summer blues once I get settled in my writing intensive course in the fall.

  1. New Hideouts

Touring the city with a Downtown Ambassador was one of my first memories as an intern. I learned so much more than I expected to! Thanks to this tour I became familiar with some downtown favorites outside of my scope of imagination – after all, I’m a creature of habit and that translated to the restaurants, coffee shops and museums I visited.

Adding to my list of #DTJax favorites includes J.L. Trent’s, my new seafood go-to, located underneath the BB&T Tower and inside the renovated underground tunnel. If you’re craving some peace and quiet with a view, above Trent’s is a shaded outdoor patio that you can access by stairs – perfect for lunch or for summer reading.

  1. Old Hideouts

“Know your city.” In my four years at JU, I found myself saying this to my peers – quite often.

Many college-aged students write-off the urban core, frequenting the St. Johns Town Center and the beaches instead. But #DTJax offers so many possibilities for all personalities. You’ve read about one of my new favorite spots but here are some classics – places that never get old no matter how often you go.

The fourth floor of the Main Library is a college student’s dream study hub – with row after row of tables, vintage blue lamps and natural lighting on the east wall. If you’re craving an outdoor study space, they have that too! On the second floor, you’ll find a large outdoor patio with rows of trees and a fountain.

Right next door is Chamblin’s Uptown which will celebrate its 10th anniversary this month. I’ve frequented this used bookshop since I was in my tween years! Being only a block or two from DVI, I have found myself there every Tuesday before heading to my internship. You can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee and good read to start the week off!

If you are a local who feels like you already know your way around #DTJax or an out-of-towner looking for a summer internship, don’t hesitate to visit the DVI’s website and see if it’s for you. Get ready to have a great time!

July is National Outdoors Month! To the surprise of many, the Jacksonville’s Urban Core is no stranger to outdoor activities. In fact, looking pass the high-rise buildings and architectural gems, downtown Jacksonville is home to not only businessmen, businesswomen, hipsters and musicians; but also outdoor enthusiasts. Though Jacksonville is known for its vast landmass that accounts for the city’s hiking and bike trails, endless beaches and internal waterways perfect for water sports fanatics; little know about the outdoor activities that downtown has to offer. In appreciation of the city’s limitless possibilities, here’s a short list of year-long outdoor activities you’ll find in #DTJax.

Be a TreeHugger

If you’re looking for something unique and low-cost to do with friends and family, look no further than the Treaty Oak Park. Located on the Southbank of the St. Johns River, the 250 year-old tree is a popular spot for family gatherings, outdoor picnics and relaxation in general. In fact, growing up in Jacksonville, some of our locals no doubt have climbed up the branches at one point in their lives.

For the bravehearts, the “octopus-like” tree provides 145 feet of branches for climbing. And if you climb all the way to the tree’s crown, you’ll find a 25 foot nook – perfect for naps and summer reading. If you’re not up for the climb, no worries. Because of the massive size of the tree, it gives visitors roughly 190 feet of shade – a good spot to get out of the Florida heat!

Biking the Riverwalk

Experience the city on a bike. One of the most popular activities in downtown Jacksonville is biking along the St. Johns River. The Northbank Riverwalk is the perfect cycling route to enjoy both an urban scenery and the cool breeze from the river.

The Northbank is a wonderful 2 mile ride between the Jacksonville Landing and the Riverside Arts Market. You will even ride through the Love Locks Bridge – which not only connects the downtown district with Riverside, but also a known spot for couples to symbolize their ‘unbreakable’ love.

For those looking for a longer ride, plan your route with the DTJax Map. You can’t go wrong with the three bridge loop over the Main Street, Acosta and Fuller Warren Bridges!

Paddling Through #DTJax

For the water sports enthusiasts, urban kayaking is a great alternative to exploring the city. It is a unique way to experience both the urban scenery and one of Jacksonville’s natural beauties. The Jacksonville Kayak Company offers guided tours in Downtown Jacksonville, taking off from the River City Brewing Company Marina.

Imagine this: seeing new angles of the city as you paddle under three of Jacksonville’s 13+ bridges, being swept away by the natural pulse of the River City. Though this recreational activity is not for beginners, if you are up for an adventure do not hesitate to book a tour with Jacksonville Kayak Company.

“Run, Forest, Run!”

Aside from cycling, the most common outdoor workout in the downtown district is running. Covering roughly four square-miles, the urban core is a runner’s world. From the riverwalk to the bridges to the hills, a workout junkie can get their full load of cardio while taking in the urban scenery.

The USA Track & Field website offers an extensive list of running routes within the #DTJax boundary – including the Northbank River 5K. If you’re feeling adventurous and up for a challenge, try the Hart Bridge Loop 12K.

Urban Yoga

Looking to de-stress? In the past couple of years, yoga has played a major role in stress management. Stress and anxiety is alive even in Jacksonville where “It’s Easier Here”; which is why free yoga sessions are offered throughout the week.

Unity Plaza in Brooklyn, dubbed as Jacksonville’s “central park”, along with the Winston Family YMCA offers Tuesday and Thursday yoga sessions year-long. With the built-in waterfront and tiered seating, the Unity Plaza is the ideal central spot for sunset yoga.

Now for the early birds looking for a healthy morning start, go further into Riverside and you’ll find yourself in Corkscrew Park commonly known for the weekly Riverside Arts Market. However, little known fact, before the hustle and bustle of the market traffic hits; Hot Spot Yoga’s Namie Rohack leads morning yoga from 9 – 10 a.m. every Saturday.

These are just some of the outdoor activities in Downtown Jacksonville. Explore the city and discover more possibilities – they are endless! For more activities, visit our directory here.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.36.48 PMWolf & Cub established themselves as a brand in 2014, but opened in Downtown Jacksonville in June of 2016. The owners, Varick Rosete and Emily Moody-Rosete, are described as “entrepreneurs, artists, and cultural instigators that set out to create a lifestyle brand that epitomizes one’s unique style and individuality”. They commit themselves to this by offering hand-screenprinted T-shirts, jewelry, decorative items, and one-of-a-kind vintage finds to name a few. They proudly offer that the interesting styles found in their boutique can brighten your day and boost your self-esteem.

After their start, Wolf and Cub spent a successful trial as a pop-up shop in Brooklyn Station and soon after, they opened in the Historic Elks Building at 205 North Laura as one of the only boutiques in #DTJax.


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.43.10 PMCustom T-shirts

In addition to the unique-to-the-boutique screenprinted T-shirts found in Wolf & Cub, they also specialize in small-run custom orders of shirts for events like wedding parties, orteam-building trips. On their website, you can find a form that allows you to inquire about information for a prospective order.





Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.44.05 PMFloral Arrangements

Not only do they offer interesting fashion-finds, but they curate unique floral arrangements for occasions as simple as lighting up your living room coffee table, or as special as your wedding day. You can find the form for an arrangement request here.






Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 2.47.06 PMDowntown Presence

Wolf & Cub is open for business from 12-5 Tuesday-Friday, and from 12-4 on Saturday, but they stay open to participate in DTJax’s First Wednesday ArtWalk every month, setting out their staple $5 vintage sale bins. In addition to this special sale, they often offer normal business-hour deals on their screenprinted T-shirts and vintage clothing items, that can be found promoted on their Instagram and Twitter accounts, or on the chalkboard that sits outside the boutique.

They commit themselves to maintaining a large presence in Jacksonville, a city that means so much to them. Emily, a Jacksonville native, works in the shop full-time and continuously works to positively affect the downtown culture skills acquired through years of fashion and sales experience, and experience owning and running not only Wolf and Cub, but Five-Points boutique, Anomaly, and the live music venue, Underbelly. Additionally, Varick’s experience as former president of AIGA Jacksonville, co-founder of One Spark, co-founder of nGenWorks, and current Art Director of Tigerlilly brings a vast and varying knowledge of branding and design to the boutique and to Jacksonville. To keep their momentum going, they plan to expand their selection of artists and designers and begin hosting monthly workshops. You can follow the blog on their website that offers in-depth details about current promotions, ArtWalk experiences, and, of course, style.


Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 12.15.03 PM

The countdown to 2018 is on! Before you make New Year’s Eve plans, be sure to check out all of the events going on in #DTJax! From parties to performances, there’s a celebration for everyone.

  • Dec 30 @ 7:30pm: 2017 Jacksonville Light Boat Parade: The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the Jacksonville Light Boat Parade. Each year, more than 200,000 people line the banks of the St. Johns River to celebrate the holiday season. Seafarers and landlubbers of all ages are sure to be dazzled by the area’s largest lighted boat parade. The night is capped off by a dazzling fireworks display featuring the famous sparkling waterfalls on the bridges of the St. Johns River. zz
  • Dec 30 @ 9 pm: New Year’s Eve Warmup at Myth Nightclub: Free entry all night long featuring $25 bottles of champagne.
  • Dec 31 @ 2 pm: VyStar New Year’s Eve Run: “Run for a Child” by making a $10 donation to Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Every donor will receive a red arm band for a child who is a patient at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. When you cross the finish line of the Vystar 5k, you will know that every step you ran is helping to raise funds to care for sick and injured children.
  • Dec 31 @ 9pm: A Roaring New Years Eve at The Volstead: Swing on by for the biggest night of the year! NYE 2018 is coming up and The Volstead has got you covered (with FREE COVER), plus signature cocktails, a free champagne toast at midnight and dancing the night away with sweet, hot jazz from The Rub. Celebrate Volstead’s four year anniversary and properly send off 2017.
  • Dec 31 @ 10 am: So Long, ’17 Brunch at Candy Apple Cafe & Cocktails: When New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday, a special celebration is in order. Send off 2017 in delicious style with the whole family at The Candy Apple Café & Cocktails. The restaurant’s daily brunch menu, mimosa flights, mimosa popsicles, and Bloody Marys will be available, as well as other specials.

  • Dec 31 @ 9:30 pm: Toast: A New Year’s Eve Celebration at Cowford Chophouse: Ring in 2018 with Cowford Chophouse! Join them for fireworks, views and a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration offering a select premium OPEN bar in partnership with Grey Goose, bar snacks and a complimentary glass of champagne at midnight!
  • Dec 31 @ 5 pm: New Year’s Eve Black Tie Masquerade at Myth Nightclub: 4 Rooms of Sound, international DJs, dancers & performers, full VIP experience, red carpet, photo ops, party favors, noise makers, complimentary Masquerade Masks, $5 Stoli martinis, vodka Redbull & jack sours until midnight, open bar and VIP options available.
  • Dec 31 @ 9 pm: New Year’s Eve Concert & Afterparty hosted by the Jacksonville Symphony: Internationally acclaimed performer Tomáš Kubínek brings hilarity and charm to the Symphony stage in a work of grand music, madcap brilliance, and old-world panache. Stay after the concert for the New Year’s Eve After-Party, featuring the Chris Thomas Band! Dancing, champagne, and the best view downtown of the fireworks at midnight. Party tickets are not included with concert ticket and must be purchased separately.
  • Dec 31: The Art of NYE at Downtown Cigar Lounge: December 31st make plans to bring in the New Year with DCL at the Art of NYE 2018 in the Elbow District of Downtown Jacksonville. Featuring party favors, balloon drop, passed hors d oeuvres, and a champagne toast at midnight.
  • Dec 31 @ 9 pm: Southbank NYE at River City Brewing Company: River City Brewing Company is stepping it up another notch this year with the Southbank New Year’s Eve Bash. Not only will the Bar Lounge and Deck be open, the Main Dining Room will be transformed into multiple bars & DJs, a large dance area and VIP seating with Bottle Service. The best deal in town also includes spectacular views of the fireworks, with the St. John’s River & the Downtown skyline as a beautiful back drop!
  • Dec 31 @ 7pm: New Year’s Eve Karaoke Party at Hourglass Pub: No Cover, doors at 7! Karaoke and dance hits all night with your favorite KJ John Bridges. View Downtown fireworks and watch the ball drop and enjoy a champagne toast at midnight!
  • Dec 31 @ 9 pm: Lex Jax VIP New Year’s Eve Party at Lexington Hotel & Conference Center: Ring in the new year at Lexington Hotel & Conference Center’s VIP rooftop deck event! Enjoy butler passed hors d’oeuvres, a free champagne toast and a view overlooking the beautiful St. Johns River. This event is $50 (parking included). So, come out and kick off 2018 the right way! zzz
  • Dec 31 @ 7 pm: Breezy Jazz Club’s Inaugural New Year’s Eve Extravaganza: Breezy Jazz Club will be bringing in the new year with The Famous Doug Carn playing from 9:30pm – 12:30am. Of course they’ll have the countdown before midnight with a complimentary champagne toast for all! There will be several activities throughout the night, starting at 7pm including a 50/50 raffle, giveaways, and more.
  • Dec 31: New Year’s Eve Celebration at The Jacksonville Landing: Downtown Jacksonville is the place to be this New Year’s Eve and The Jacksonville Landing is where to celebrate and ring in 2017! The New Year’s Eve Celebration will feature live music, food, drink specials and fireworks! Best part? This event is free!
  • Dec 31 @ 9 pm: 3rd Annual New Year’s Eve River Bash at The Jacksonville Landing: presented by The Jacksonville Landing and Just A Pinch Cafe & Catering. Everyone wants to be at the epicenter of the NYE Entertainment and now you can! Private VIP access to Jacksonville’s NYE Bash on the River.  Don’t deal with the crowds and enjoy the best views for the fireworks on our balcony or dance the night away while enjoying picturesque views of the historic St John’s River. Get your tickets here for the all-inclusive NYE party for you and your friends to ring in 2017 with music, food, drinks and fireworks!
  • Dec 31 @ 8:30 pm: New Year’s Eve Bash at Unity Plaza with the band Vox: Ring in the New Year at Unity Plaza with the popular band VOX JAX. HOBNOB will have a full cash bar in the plaza.
    Brixx will be open all night. Eat on their patio or take out to the plaza to enjoy the concert. Ticket includes a champagne toast at midnight and $5 towards a purchase of $10 or more at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza.
  • Dec 31: Florida Theatre’s 2017 New Year’s Eve Drawing: Enter to win two tickets to every show in 2018! Tickets are a suggested $20 donation. Buy your ticket online, in the Box Office (904-355-2787 ext 0) or from an usher at a show!
  • Jan 1 @ midnight: City of Jacksonville Fireworks