Are you interested in art? Do you also enjoy staying active and being outside? Do you have limited time and want an activity that will take an hour or less? Touring Downtown Jacksonville’s collection of wall murals is the perfect activity if one or all of those things mentioned above grabs your attention.

All within walking distance of each other, Downtown Jacksonville has nine unique wall murals designed by artists from all over the world, curated by ArtRepublic. Ranging from abstract to contemporary to surreal, touring the downtown murals is a great activity for those who enjoy photography, art appreciation or want to put an interesting spin on getting exercise. Enjoy the guide below to make the most of your tour of some of #DTJax’s most diverse street art.

Stop 1: James Reka┃245 Water St.

The first mural, and one of the most impressive in size, is an abstract piece by Australian artist James Reka. Located across the Times Union Center for the Performing Arts, it is nearly impossible to miss this piece of art due to its size and striking color scheme. While you are in the area, take in the scenic views of the St. John’s River at the Jacksonville Landing.



Stop 2: Waone Interesni Kazki┃315 W. Forsyth St.

Located on the side of Akel’s Delicatessen, the second mural on the tour is from Ukrainian artist Waone Interesni Kazki.






Stop 3: Dourone & David Petroni┃111 N. Julia St.

Directly across from Waone Interesni Kazki’s mural is another too-big-to-miss mural. Spanish artist Dourone’s piece adds a bright splash of color to a large parking garage on Julia St. If you choose to take this tour during the morning or early afternoon, you can stop by the The Brick Coffee House to get a cup of coffee to take on the rest of your walk.



Stop 4: Borondo┃404 N. Julia St.

A short walk up Julia St. from the Dourone piece, you will find Spanish artist Gonzalo Borondo’s work located across from the Ed Austin Building.





Stop 5: Phlegm┃140 Monroe St.

On your walk from Borondo’s mural down Duval St., take some time to stop by Sweet Pete’s Candy shop to satisfy your sweet tooth and find almost every type of dessert imaginable. Once you make your way to Hemming Park, you will find UK artist Phlegm’s mural. You can view this expansive illustration while enjoying live music, food trucks, and other entertainment located in Hemming Park, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.



Stop 6: René Romero Schuler┃231 N. Laura St.

A short walk up W. Monroe St. will lead you to artist Shaun Thurston’s brightly colored mural. While admiring this piece, you can stop in Chamblin’s Uptown, a bookstore specializing in used and rare books. This is a must see for any book worm!





Stop 7: Ricky Lee Gordon┃41 E. Duval St.

From Chamblin’s you can make your way up to Duval St. where you
will find South African artist,
Ricky Lee Gordon’s, mural. If you’re looking for a light and healthy meal, from this mural you can walk to Super Food and Brew. They have a wide selection of salads and sandwiches, as well as a variety of beer to choose from.



Stop 8: Adele Renault┃100 E. Adams St.

A three minute walk from the Gordon mural will bring you to Adele Renault’s lengthy mural. This piece covers the entire side of a building with an optical illusion like design. Located by this piece, you can find Burrito Gallery, a #DTJax staple! They offer a wide variety of tasty and unique burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and salads.




Stop 9: Mohamed L’Ghacham┃112 E. Forsyth St.

The final stop, only two minutes from stop eight, you will find yourself looking up at a large portrait designed by Spanish artist Mohamed L’Ghacham. Stopping here, you will find yourself in the heart of the Elbow, Downtown Jacksonville’s Entertainment District, which includes hot spots like 1904 Music Hall, Cowford Chophouse, Bold City Brewery, The Florida Theatre and more.







The easily accessible and walkable mural tour is just one of the unique ways to see a variety of what Downtown Jacksonville has to offer when it comes to art, dining, and entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a creative date night or a way to refresh your exercise routine, following this guide will allow you to see many of Downtown’s artistic highlights.

For a complete listing of restaurants, shops and nightlife to enjoy during your tour, visit our directory and explore all that #DTJax has to offer!

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ArtRepublic is a global movement of highly-curated, immersive experiences to empower artists with resources to help them create their most boundary pushing work. For more information, visit their website.

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Finished last week, the murals on the Yates parking garage brighten up Downtown with more whimsical public art.

The first two murals, best seen by drivers entering Downtown from the Hart Bridge Expressway, are abstract designs by Felicia Asteinza and Joey Fillasre of Milagros Art Collective. The remaining two murals, featuring symbolic Origami paper cranes, were created by Sean Mahan of Neptune Beach.

If you haven’t seen the murals yet, check out the photos below but we promise you, that it will be worth your time to visit the murals and see them for yourself.

For more information on the City of Jacksonville’s Art in Public Places collection, administered by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, and other art initiatives Downtown, read our previous blog post.




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The saying goes that colors brighten any room. The same can be said about public art Downtown. The recent addition of several public art installations Downtown have brightened bare exterior walls of businesses, brought life back to façades of vacant historic buildings and transformed familiar walkways’ fences, sidewalks and trees.

Yates garage mural installation underway June 7.

The latest in this public art boom on the heels of One Spark are the Yates parking garage murals, currently under installation at the corner of Market and Newnan streets. New murals will be constructed on each of the four 52-foot stair towers of the garage and are the newest addition to the City of Jacksonville’s Art in Public Places collection, administered by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville.

The first two murals, by Northeast Florida artists Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre of Milagros Art Collective, are abstract designs best seen by drivers from the Hart Bridge Expressway. Neptune Beach artist Sean Mahan will create figurative and symbolic images on the remaining two murals geared toward pedestrian traffic.

Sean Mahan mural concept (left), alongside Felici Asteinza and Joey Fillastre of Milagros Art Collective’s abstract mural.

According to the official press release, the murals will create a visual connection to accessible public parking and serve as an entry point into the Spark District, a new Cultural Council initiative to revitalize Downtown’s core through arts and culture projects.

The Spark District spans from the riverfront north to Duval Street and is bordered east to west from Liberty Street to Hogan Street and is meant to serve as a canvas for Spark Grant Program beneficiaries. The Spark Grant Program anticipates awarding $5,000-$25,000 to approximately eight visual arts projects from a pool of $60,000 this year. For more information, view the Spark Grant video or visit the Cultural Council’s website.

Public art is an important initiative for any Downtown working toward revitalization as it enhances the street-level experience, creates and inspires effective public place-making and improves the quality of life for Downtown workers, residents and visitors.

If you’re interested in checking out the Yates garage murals’ installations, the artists are scheduled to paint at the site 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily through July 6.