Jacob A. Gordon Esq.

904.634.0303 ext. 1223
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Cheryl Hunte

Business Administrator
904.634.0303 ext. 1221
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Katherine Hardwick

Vice President of Marketing
904.634.0303 ext. 1230
Email Katherine

Eric Miller

Vice President of District Services
904.634.0303 ext. 1224
Email Eric

Bill Wimmer

Ambassador Program Manager
Email Bill

Eduardo Santos

Director of Experience
904.634.0303 ext. 1225
Email Eduardo

Lexi Brantman

Director of Communications
904.634.0303 ext. 1229
Email Lexi

Haley Tinkle

Events Manager
904.634.0303 ext. 1222
Email Haley

Alexandra LaRocque

Marketing and Events Assistant
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