13 Reasons To Check Out Oktoberfest @ Art Walk

If you were one of the 15,000 Jacksonvillians who attended last year’s inaugural Oktoberfest @ Art Walk, you won’t need convincing. But for the few residents that didn’t attend, please begin reading. Here are 12 reasons to join us for the fun:

1. There’s only six breweries allowed to participate in Munich’s Oktoberfest, and we’re going to have one of their beers.


 Spaten won’t be the only beer flowing out of our taps. Enjoy brews and cider from Bold City Brewery, Intuition Ale Works, McKenzie’s, Tucher and Full Sail.

2. No need for a babysitter — kids are welcome, too!

They’re not allowed to drink beer, but there will be plenty of activities for kids, including a root-beer station, in and around Hemming Park.

3. We plan to break the recent record for holding the most beer steins: 27. Who’s up for it?

 Not really record-breaking, but we will have beer-stein holding contests for adults!

4. Beer. Need I say more?

 In Germany, Oktoberfest beer is brewed with 0.6-1.1% more alcohol and sugar than the average German beer.

5. It’s where all your friends are going to be.

 Our 15,000 attendees do not compare to the 6.4 million at Munich’s Oktoberfest, but it will do.

6. It’s another event to practice self-control so you don’t end up a bierleichen, a “beer corpse.”

 Last year, Munich’s Oktoberfest attendees consumed 6.7 million liters and Oktoberfest @ Art Walk attendees consumed 29 kegs.

7. Sing-a-longs are always appropriate.

Ok, I can’t promise myself or my coworkers won’t bust out in “Let it Go,” but I can promise the band won’t.

8.  Dan Witucki and Mein Heimatland Musikanten Band.


 You’ll have to ask Dan Witucki how to pronounce the rest of the band’s name.

9. Dancing is not illegal here.

 No Oktoberfest is complete without the chicken dance. Set to an oom-pah song of the same name, “Der Ententanz,” is one of the few reasons to put down your beer.

10. It’s an opportunity to look as silly as the other person.

It’s the major holiday before Halloween where everyone gets to dress up.

11. Once again, beer.

 Did we mention there will be beer?

12. There will be plenty of food.

 You know the Germans only have three major food groups: beer, bratwurst and pretzels.

 13. This is the one time you can look like a complete wiener and get away with it.

via Downtown Vision, Inc.

 Ask us about our wiener — our wiener dog costume contest, that is.

 Remember, whatever you do during the celebration, don’t be this guy.

 Or these guys.


 And don’t drink and drive. 

We hope you’ll join us Oct. 1, 5-10 p.m., for the second-annual Oktoberfest @ Art Walk benefit. Full details at