$9 Million Will Leverage Private Investment in Downtown

Following last week’s approval by City Council, today, Mayor Brown signed legislation to invest $11 million this year: $9 million to leverage private investment in Downtown and $2 million towards job-creating economic improvements across Jacksonville.

This is Downtown’s time. Businesses are moving back Downtown to give employees an authentic, urban experience. Residential buildings are reporting occupancy rates of over 90%. We’re getting more public art Downtown. All you have to do is look at our events calendar to see how much is going on Downtown now
…and just wait until Downtown Jacksonville hosts the world’s first crowd-funding festival, One Spark in April.

This kind of strategic, public-private investment will take us past the tipping point to create a vibrant Downtown that looks like Art Walk every night, attracts more businesses to our region and increases the quality of life for everyone in Jacksonville.

Thank you, Mayor Brown and your staff for making Downtown a clear priority.

Thank you, City Council for supporting approving the Mayor’s reinvestment plan.

Thank you, Downtown Investment Authority for devoting your time and talents in Downtown.

Thank you, everyone who spoke on behalf of this legislation.