9 reasons why you should Eat Up Downtown

What is Eat Up Downtown, you ask? Let us enlighten you. Eat Up Downtown is a time where local restaurants collaborate to bring you affordable prix-fixe, three-course meals that will leave your stomach and wallet full by the end of the night. Join us Aug. 11-24 for some pretty remarkable dining deals across the urban core.

And if you need more convincing, here are just a few reasons why you should go:

1. If you don’t love to dine local, you’re a horrible human being.

Seriously, who doesn’t love local food? Eat Up Downtown features restaurants locally owned in Downtown Jacksonville. You won’t be disappointed, and you’re supporting the community. Good karma!


2. Dieting can wait.

So you might not be broke, but this is a great time to bring your friends who aren’t 100 percent sure of coming Downtown to Downtown.


3. There’s more than just butter being served.

Eat Up Downtown restaurants include gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.


4. Need an excuse to call that special someone?

Make it a date, and head out to The Elbow for live music and drink specials after dinner.


5. You can’t use parking as an excuse!

Let Uber take care of the driving and parking for you so you don’t end up like this guy. There’s a special offer for Eat Up Downtown attendees.

Bonus: Meter parking is free evenings and weekends.


6. Ding, ding, ding! You can win cash money!

Well, not really. But check out the Igers Jax and First Coast Magazine photo contest to win some awesome Downtown prizes.


7. Eating Downtown is an easy way to impress your dinner date.

DT Skyline
Downtown Vision, Inc.

Soak up gorgeous river views from either side of the St. Johns. Finish the evening with a stroll along the Northbank Riverwalk or Main Street Bridge.


8. It’s your American duty.

Recruiting you for the Army is really not happening, but recruiting you to Eat Up Downtown is.


9. You should be putting your money where your mouth is.

Small businesses are the nation’s largest employers. Seventy-three dollars out of every $100 spent locally stays right here.

There are endless reasons why you should be Eat Up Downtown, but I feel nine should be just enough to convince you. Restaurants, menus and contest information can be found at

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