A Fluff Piece: Downtown Ambassadors Help Rescue Kittens

photo 4 10-49-58A day in the life of a Downtown Ambassador is never boring and often brings the unexpected. Last Friday, May 2, in the midst of a rainy morning, a gentleman came into the Downtown Ambassadors office on Monroe Street. The man said he heard kittens crying in the storm drain outside. Our fearless team of Ambassadors sprang into action and found there was a mama cat and four kittens deep in the storm drain.

The rescue became a team effort with help from Jamie Brooks and the Streets and Drainage Division of the City’s Department of Public Works. Ambassador Michael was able to pluck one of the kittens from the storm drain. Ambassador Josh, further down the street, climbed down into the drain to coax the scared feline family out. Ultimately, the team from Streets and Drainage was able to flush the kittens out of the drain, pun intended.

photo 1The kittens were dried off and kept warm by Public Works employee Jamie Brooks until Animal Care and Protective Services picked them up for transport to foster care. The mama cat managed to evade capture, though Animal Care and Protective Services has made additional attempts to capture her in hopes of reuniting her with her kittens. The kittens are very young and still require bottle feeding but will likely be available for adoption when older.

Thank you to everyone involved for your compassion and hard work rescuing these little guys!