A Hungry Couple’s Downtown Date Night

Last weekend, my previously mentioned boyfriend David and I had a date night Downtown. We don’t do a lot of fancy nights out (we are, after all, college students), but the Eat Up Downtown promotion was too good to pass up. After perusing the Eat Up Downtown menus, we both agreed that bb’s sounded like heaven in three courses. So I found a new dress on sale, spent way too much time on my hair, and we hit the town.

Large parties and fellow couples filled the cozy dining room. It appeared we weren’t the only ones with an appetite for bb’s and Eat Up Downtown. We were promptly taken to our table, and what followed was pure culinary bliss.

First Course: Normally, I opt for salads over soups. But something just sounded so wonderful about their homemade and very popular shrimp bisque, and I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone. It was hot and creamy, and it was the perfect way to start off my meal. David stuck with his favorite food, salad (I’m not making that up), and I wish I could have taken the dressing home in a to-go cup, because it was delicious and light.

Main Course: There is only one reason I ordered the half-chicken as my entree. Gnocchi mac and cheese. It came in a side cup, and I wish it had come in a side bowl.

A combination of some of my favorite foods, it was a brilliant dish that I couldn’t stop raving about. My chicken was also scrumptious, and by the time I was halfway through with dinner, I was stuffed. David ordered the Thai barbeque porkloin. We both had food envy and ended up splitting both half-and-half.

Dessert: I’m still dreaming about the flourless rocky road chocolate cake I ordered. It was rich and perfect. I’m a confessed chocoholic, which means I know what I’m talking about.

David ordered the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and although I barely had room for my dessert, I made sure I had a bite (or three) of his dessert, too.

Even though we were on a level of stuffed that rivaled Thanksgiving, there was definitely room for a couple of cocktails from Dos Gatos. We used the bottom of the Eat Up Downtown comment card to get one of our drinks free (college students know a good deal when they see one). After three courses of homemade, gourmet food, a handcrafted cocktail was the perfect end to our Downtown date night.

You still have a chance to Eat Up Downtown with that special person this weekend. Everyone’s favorite dining promotion has been extended until Sept. 1 at select restaurants. Bring your appetite!