A Hungry Girl’s Downtown Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a college student named Angela who was tired of ramen noodles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She worked tirelessly from sunup to sundown (or 9-5) to ensure her kingdom, Downtown, was the fairest of them all.

Then, a magical fortnight descended upon Downtown. Eat Up Downtown is an annual gift from the fairy godmother of food herself, combining delectable dishes and inexpensive price points. Everyone was invited, from the mighty kings and queens of Downtown businesses to college students like Angela. She decided it should be a magical night, so she dressed in her very best and drove her pumpkin carriage (a 1995 Honda) Downtown. What followed was nothing short of a foodie’s fairy tale. Our heroine and her talking forest creatures (okay, her DVI coworkers) arrived at Café Nola @ MOCA. Surrounded by beautiful works of art, the friends indulged in Jacksonville ales (of the Intuition variety), local garden-grown salads and soups, delicious plates of seafood and ribs, and extravagant desserts and coffees.

For hours, the merry party dined and enjoyed. The food was perfect, the drinks were cold, and it all seemed surreal to Angela. How could she, a student who pinched and saved to buy textbooks each semester, afford such a lavish dinner party? The clock struck midnight (or 9 p.m.), and the magic seemed to fade as Angela prepared to pay.

But maybe the fairy tale night wasn’t over after all. She was in for a pleasant surprise as she reached for the bill. Eat Up Downtown magic was applied, and her three-course dinner was a mere $35! Even more magical, she was presented with a scroll (comment card), upon which was a declaration of two libations for the price of one (a coupon for buy-one-get-one-free cocktails) at one of Downtown’s participating taverns. More savings for the college girl!

She felt like a princess without having to pay like a princess, and she hurried off with her friends to enjoy even more Downtown Jacksonville magic.

 Want your own enchanting night on the town? From a romantic date, girls’ night out or a family dinner, Eat Up Downtown is the best way to celebrate. Don’t delay! The magic ends Aug. 25. Menus and price points are available at Reservations are recommended.