Artist Spotlight: Mochi + Bella

By Justin Dato, DVI Intern

Image from @mochiandbella  on Instagram
Image from @mochiandbella on Instagram

Accessories have recently been on the rise in everyone’s #ootd (that’s “outfit of the day” in hashtag-lingo) on Instagram. Although they are small, a simple necklace can pull together an entire outfit. If you’re a guy and jewelry isn’t your thing, accessories like bowties can definitely spruce it up!

Margaret Barno of Mochi + Bella, a local artist who showcases her work at DVI’s First Wednesday Art Walk,  offers just that. Using an electroforming technique for her jewelry and classic sewing for her bowties, you can expect good quality in her products. She draws her inspiration from just about anything such as her favorite designers, the latest fashion trends, and even hit television shows like Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.

Margaret’s photogenic father, Peter Barno, manning the fort while the photo-shy artist took a break to hide from the camera.

Being a participant at Art Walk for six years, Mochi + Bella has enjoyed meeting her online customers in person.

“Having interactions with customers and seeing people come back month after month to buy more from us is such an insanely good feeling,” Barno said.

So weather you’re a returning online customer, or someone who’s never heard of her, be sure to check out Mochi + Bella at the June 3rd Art Walk (extended until 10 p.m. by the way).

This month’s theme is Summertime Sizzle with Bold City Brewery  in celebration of the brewery’s summer seasonal, Big John’s Apricot Wheat Ale. Cool off with a glass of Bold City’s new brew while enjoying music, food and creations made by many different artists, including Mochi + Bella.

Also, in Hemming Park, we’ll host a special VIP tent, where for a $40 donation, you receive unlimited Bold City beers and bites catered by TacoLu and Tres Leches, plus live music by the incredible Firewater Tent Revival. You don’t want to miss this special Art Walk, extended until 10 p.m. this month!

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