Artist Spotlight: The Pen Crafter

By Hill Crawford, DVI Intern

Paul Baker, The Pen Crafter. Photo by DVI.

Many people believe making pens is a task left to manufacturers who spend countless hours in a factory producing mass quantities of the same product. However, local Art Walk artist Paul Baker of The Pen Crafter is out to prove there are other methods to creating the perfect writing utensil.

What started off as just a hobby blossomed into a fulfilling passion. Baker began creating his masterful pens about seven years ago. He learned his skill from a friend by watching him work. Baker said the “watch and learn” method is the best way to understand how the pen crafting process works.

Baker started off creating only one type of pen, and now he can make almost any type you can image. Graduating from his simple designs, Baker now creates pens made using corn cobs, moonscapes and more entirely out of wood. Each handcrafted pen takes up to seven hours to create.

“Last night, I started working on two pens and after six hours, I still hadn’t finished one,” Baker said.

His process begins with cutting down a pen blank to the correct size. After this, the pen goes through a rigorous sanding process, some require up to 10 different kinds of sand paper! Each pen is then assembled and  given a unique stain to insure quality.



With growing popularity Baker is now able to afford a wider variety of pens shapes and unique materials, including various metals such as copper.  Participating in Art Walk for more than two years now, Baker enjoys having his creations on display because he likes showing his work to the community.

Interested in The Pen Crafter’s elaborate designs? Be sure to check out his display in Hemming Park at the Sept. 2 Art Walk from 5-9 p.m. This month’s theme is “Dog Days of Summer”, a perfect opportunity to bring your four-legged friend to #DTJax for a doggone good time. Check out the highlights and view the official map at