#ArtWalkJax Artist Highlight- Frank Reteguiz

Featured Photo: Novels written by Frank Reteguiz (Source).

Author: Alexa Andino, Downtown Vision Marketing and Events Intern

Meet the Artist: Frank Reteguiz

Medium: Novels

Highlight: Frank Reteguiz is a returning #ArtWalk vendor that we are excited to have back for First Wednesday Art Walk. Frank Reteguiz is an author with Rick and Llewyn’s Publishing Company. They produce contemporary Horror and Fantasy novels you’ll never forget reading.

October 2021’s Art Walk was their first time participating and they sold out of “The Malediction of Llewyn Glass” and “The Wanderer”! We are so glad to see support for this incredible author and are excited to see what’s in store for this next upcoming Art Walk. They have a new novel entitled “The Midnight Special” so be sure to pick that up at the next First Wednesday Art Walk!

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Featured Art:

Photos sourced from artist’s Instagram.

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