Chocolate, gelato and coffee, oh my! Peterbrooke set to make #DTJax even sweeter

Downtown will be even sweeter this spring when Peterbrooke opens a shop near the corner of Laura and Bay streets. Marketing manager Elizabeth Cordell of Hickory Foods, management company of Peterbrooke, gave us the scoop – seriously, gelato, anyone? – on what the new shop will house. She also shared some cool info on Peterbrooke’s new factory, opening this summer just outside of Downtown’s official boundaries.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the kiosk inside the lobby of the building at 100 W. Bay St., packed with Valentine’s Day goodies! And samples….

Peterbrooke pop-up shop until the full shop is opened.
The Peterbrooke kiosk, now open at 100 W. Bay St. until the full shop opens in the spring.

Why did you all decide to open a store Downtown?

Downtown is growing, and we want to be a part of it! We decided to open a store in the Downtown core area to be able to reach those people who work and live Downtown.

We moved the factory from San Marco to the Brooklyn area (specifically Mixon Town) because we simply needed more space to make the chocolates, give tours and hold events!

What will your new Downtown shop feature?

The new Downtown shop will include coffee, baked goods, hand-dipped treats, custom gift baskets, gelato and our famous chocolate-covered popcorn! The store will have a storefront window space on Laura Street.

The factory will be open for parties, events and tours, and we will have a retail location on the property. We will also be opening our new bakery, “Peterbrooke Bake Studio,” at our new factory. Now, customers will be able to order custom desserts and baked goods from us!

The Peterbrooke pop-up shop at the 100 W. Bay St. building.
Custom skyline chocolate bars now available at 100 W. Bay St.

Will you have any chocolate or other offerings that will be unique to the Downtown location?

We will have custom chocolate designs representing Downtown Jacksonville, #ilovejax chocolates and chocolate bars with the Downtown skyline. The store will be open early for coffee and pastry items from our Bake Studio and will be open in the evening for events Downtown!

What will be involved with the build-out of the shop?

There is an existing space – roughly 1,400 square feet – that we will be turning into Peterbrooke heaven! Small renovations will take place to transform the space and provide areas for hand-dipping treats, coffee and gelato.

How do you think you’ll add to the “vibe” Downtown with the Bay Street shop?

Peterbrooke will offer the Downtown area more options for those with a sweet tooth. Whether stopping in for some hand-dipped treats, coffee on a cold day or gelato on a warm day, there is always something to make you smile at Peterbrooke.

What are you most excited about for the new urban-core location(s)?

We are excited to have been a part of the ever growing city of Jacksonville for more than 32 years!


For more information on Peterbrooke Chocolatier, visit its website. Stay tuned to‘s news section for info on the latest retail openings Downtown.