Coming to #DTJax: Artist of the Week – G. Love & Special Sauce

In #DTJax on Friday, February 7th at 1904 Music Hall

Author: Rebecca Kobrin, Downtown Vision Marketing and Events Intern


If you like a taste of tea

Then come along with me

Summertime is steamin’

Don’t give me no worries

Grab some ice and a dash of vermouth

It’s martini time

Yeah yeah feeling golden

Bring your own beverage

Just make sure it’s cold

-Cold Beverage, G. Love & Special Sauce


These are just some of the wise words of vocalist Garrett “G. Love” Dutton that played on everyone’s radio back in 1994. Cold Beverage is one of many quirky songs produced by alternative hip hop group G.Love & Special Sauce. The band originated in the early 90’s when Dutton met current drummer Jeffrey “The Houseman” Clemmons at a bar in Boston. Shortly after a few duo performances, they welcomed bassist Jim “Jimi Jazz” Precott and soon they had the ultimate recipe for success that still lives on today, 25 years later. 

The group’s unique blend of sounds is what makes their recipe so special. Their experimentation with alternative rock, hip hop, and R&B has taken the world of music to new heights where no one has gone before. Their individualism is an inspiration to generations of fans to be their true selves in a world that tries to fit everyone in the same, narrow box. 



In an interview by Artist Waves, G. Love explains how money and fame are not the driving forces of the band’s career, but simply the art of music. “The music is the one thing in your life that is never going to lie to you. If you give it a lot of love, nurture it and talk to it, it talks back to you. If you ignore it and turn your back on it, then it turns its back on you. That’s the one thing you got that no one can ever take away from you, your music. That’s all that ever mattered to the three of us in the big picture of things. That’s why we’re still here.” 

8 studio albums later, the gang is still up and running in 2020 as they tour throughout the U.S. Don’t miss their performance in Downtown Jacksonville with Jontavious Willis Friday, February 7th at 1904 Music Hall. 

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