Coming to #DTJax: Artist of the Week – Liquid Stranger

In #DTJax on Friday, February 21st at River City Brewing

Author: Rebecca Kobrin, Downtown Vision Marketing and Events Intern

Swedish electronic musician Martin Stääf, aka Liquid Stranger, is no stranger to the world of electronic dance music (EDM). His experimental sound refuses to be limited to just one definition, but rather a spectrum of bass ranging from downtempo all the way to heavy dubstep. His ability to move freely between genres has granted him an international following, and even his own record label and music festival.

Born in the west coast of Sweden, music sparked Stääf’s interest as young as age six. He started off with classical piano and later began to produce his own sound with synthesizers. After his first taste of electronic music, he was immediately hooked. He frequently attended rave parties as a teen and performed and promoted his own gigs. His creativity continued to grow as he incorporated unique elements such as samples from video games and television shows.

In the early 2000’s, Martin released his debut project under the alias Liquid Stranger. His goal was to keep his true identity hidden, but as his career grew, he inevitably came out of the shadows. Today, he is considered a pioneer of the freeform bass genre. In an interview with Bassrush, Stääf described how he continues to defy the boundaries of EDM with his most recent album, INFINITY. “I built a few drums [for the project] as well. For example, a five-gallon water jug partially filled with water sounds quite similar to a tabla. Also special shout out to the kazoo aka ‘the poor man’s saxophone.’ It can be heard all throughout the album.”

In 2015, Liquid Stranger introduced his own independent label which foster notable DJ’s such as LSDREAM, Space Jesus, and Ganja White Night. Its success left fans wanting more and soon the label debuted their first event, Wakaan Music Festival in October 2019.

Don’t miss Liquid Stranger take over Jacksonville Friday, February 21st at River City Brewing Company with support from Dirt Monkey, Luzcid, and Sully.

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Top Albums

  • INFINITY (2019)
  • Anomaly: The Collection (2015)
  • The Invisible Conquest (2007)

Top Songs

  • Spaceboss (2017)
  • Dissolve (2016)
  • Don’t Stop (2016)