Coming to #DTJax: Artist of the Week – Marbin

In #DTJax on Sunday, March 22nd at 1904 Music Hall

Author: Rebecca Kobrin, Downtown Vision Marketing and Events Intern

The members of the progressive jazz-rock band Marbin are not known to stick to the status quo. Their flawless fusion of sounds from various genres and cultures is something that cannot be compared. Their ability to improvise and create outside of musical norms has generated thousands of fans across the world, as well as eight successful studio albums.

Co-leaders Danny Markovitch (saxophonist) and Dani Rabin (guitarist) were born and raised in Israel. The foundation of their sound is heavily influenced by the Israeli music they listened to growing up, as well as jazz, rock, folk, and blues. After the band was created in 2007, they moved to Chicago, Illinois to make their mark in the American music scene. Here, they collaborated with former Pat Metheny Group members Paul Wertico (drummer) and Steve Rodby (bassist) who were featured in three of Marbin’s albums. Group membership changed in 2014 with the album Aggressive Hippies, with new additions Everette A. Benton Jr. (drummer) and Jon Nadel (bassist).

Marbin have been touring since 2011 and have performed in clubs and notable jazz festivals such as the Chicago Jazz Festival and The Jazz Showcase.

Don’t miss this unique musical experience with special guests Observatory Sunday, March 22 at 1904 Music Hall.

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