Coming to #DTJax: Artist of the Week – Spafford

In #DTJax on Saturday, January 25th at 1904 Music Hall

Author: Rebecca Kobrin, Downtown Vision Marketing and Events Intern

Guitarist Brain Moss and bassist Jordan Fairless debuted their first duo performance on New Years Eve back in 2009, little did they know this would be the night that would skyrocket their musical careers to heights unimaginable. Open mics were nothing new to these Arizona natives, but they soon discovered they wanted something more. Following their joint performance, they decided to recruit an additional member to take their act to the next level. Drummer Cameron Laforest was taken under their wing, and soon they grew to be the funky, feel-good band many know and love, Spafford.

You be young, you have some fun

You be young, you have no trouble.

You be young, you live all day

Wade in the moment and you’ll pave the way. – Be Strange, Spafford

Like many jam bands, Spafford incorporates various genres into their sound like funk, jazz, reggae, and even electronic. What sets them apart is that each member has experience with vocals, which puts a heavy focus on their lyrics.

In an interview by Live Music News and Review, bassist Jordan Fairless explains the importance of having a strong lyrical presence. “Song(s) with meaning, and good lyrics and vocals, can really drive it home. It’s always been a huge priority for us, even since the beginning. Brian and I, at open mics nights with a hand drum and an acoustic guitar, we had good harmonies and we could keep people dancing. That’s how the whole thing started.” 

Another element the group is no stranger to is improvisation. Each live show is like a musical mystery for fans. Every song is extended into something spontaneous as it takes on its own unique path with whatever the guys are feeling in that moment. Spafford’s live shows are a one of a kind experience that audiences will feel humbled to be a part of.


Spafford has toured across the country with acts such as Umphrey’s McGee. They have a strong festival presence as they’ve headlined events like Summer Camp Music Festival and Electric Forest. Don’t miss their 2020 Winter Tour as they take on Jacksonville at 1904 Music Hall Saturday, January 25 with support from Eggy.

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Top Songs

  • Leave the Light On
  • Beautiful Day (Live)
  • Be Strange

Top Albums

  • For Amusement Only (2018)
  • Live, Vol. 1 (2015)
  • Spafford (2012)