Downtown Ambassador celebrates 10 years of service

Ambassador Lydia Cobbert is a very familiar face to frequent Downtown visitors and workers. She has proudly served as a Downtown Ambassador for ten years, the longest tenure of any Ambassador. Lydia was recognized for her service at Downtown Vision’s annual meeting in November. She has become the face and persona of hospitality for Downtown Jacksonville as she works to maintain a friendly, safe and attractive urban core. If you encounter Lydia in the morning, she just may greet you with a song she wrote, “Good Morning, Downtown”.

In 2009, Lydia received the North Florida Hospitality and Lodging Association’s Rose Award for excellent customer service. “Because my passion includes helping others, this position is a natural fit,” she said. “Singing, writing jingles and conversation are all skills that work to my benefit when meeting new people.”

According to Bill Wimmer, Program Manager for Downtown Vision, “Lydia is my ‘go to’ Ambassador on events and issues. She knows most everyone, helps train new staff and is always flexible. It’s truly a pleasure to have her on the team.”

What does Lydia love most about her job? “First of all, I love people,” she said, as she recounted one of her favorite memories, locating and returning lost school materials to a frantic student. “My job really is about helping other people whether it’s finding lost items or pointing them in the right direction. My goal each day is to simply offer a word of encouragement and a smile to everyone on the street.”

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