Downtown Firestarters: Ian Chase, Chomp Chomp co-founder

flameThe following is part of the Downtown is on Fire “Firestarters” series, spotlighting people who light up Downtown. They are musicians, restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and Downtown enthusiasts just like you. Learn their stories and find out how you can blaze a trail by building your business in Jacksonville’s hottest neighborhood.

Screen shot 2014-10-03 at 3.52.03 PMChomp Chomp isn’t your typical restaurant, and Ian Chase — one of the eatery’s co-founders — isn’t your typical restaurant owner. His customers range from business owners to late-night foodies. And he brings a spark of energy to everything he does.

The River City native and culinary creator built a following at The Fox, an Avondale favorite known for its classic breakfast and lunch menus as well as its eclectic décor. When he opened Chomp Chomp in 2011, people took note. The quirky little dining room, complete with a chalkboard bearing daily offerings of chef-inspired street food, soon filled with ravenous fans. It’s been a dining hotspot ever since.

“I was lucky enough to live in other places, like Atlanta,” says Ian. “But I couldn’t own two restaurants if I lived somewhere like Los Angeles. I knew I could be successful here.”

Shout-out to our friends and cohorts at Downtown is on Fire for allowing us to share this “Firestarters” series with our readers.