Downtown firestarters: Marci Gurnow

flameThe following is part of the Downtown is on Fire “Firestarters” series, spotlighting people who light up flame Downtown. They are musicians, restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and Downtown enthusiasts just like you. Learn their stories and find out how you can blaze a trail by building your business in Jacksonville’s hottest neighborhood.

Marci Gurnow
Marci Gurnow

When it comes to living Downtown, Marci Gurnow doesn’t miss a beat. From walking to rehearsal at the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra to running along the St. Johns River, she embraces all the perks that come with living and working in Jacksonville’s hottest neighborhood.

This Jacksonville-born musician studied music in Dallas and Chicago before she earned a spot on the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s roster in 2006. After bouncing between different neighborhoods, Marci settled on living Downtown for the convenience and a quality of life that she couldn’t find anywhere else.

“The fact that I can walk to work is appealing. I love coming home to make lunch, and the fact that I’m home from concerts by the time other people are getting out of the garage,” says Marci. “Having spent a lot of time in Downtown, every year it just gets more cool.”

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