Downtown parking: let’s have a chat

Photo by DVI

Signal. Line up car. Reverse into spot. Pull forward a few inches. Celebrate your parallel-parking genius. Go have fun.

Trust us – parking in Downtown Jacksonville is easier than choosing what activity to check out once you’re here. With thousands of parking spaces and thousands of events taking place throughout the year, Downtown should not be missed because of a few pesky misperceptions.

There’s no where to park Downtown. Wrong. More than 43,000 spaces are available for your vehicle to call home at lots, garages and meters by the hour, day or month. There are more parking spaces in Downtown Jacksonville than four of five Walt Disney World parks combined. Believe it.

Parking Downtown is expensive. Au contraire. Downtown’s average monthly parking costs are 45 percent less than the national average. Plus, the more than 1,600 metered spaces are free after 6 p.m. and on weekends and holidays.

It’s difficult to find Downtown parking information. We can help. Our parking database contains a map, rates, and contact information for lots and garages. We also have a handy FAQs page to answer common questions.

Friday, June 27, we will host our second-ever “tweet chat” about this always-hot Downtown topic. Feel free to submit your questions in the comment section below. We hope you’ll join us in the Twitterverse to add your perspective:

@DTJax Tweet Chat on Downtown Parking
Friday, June 27
2 – 3 p.m.
Hashtag: #chatdtjax

In the meantime, happy Downtown parking – literally. It’s nothing to frown about.