Downtown Shout-Out: Michael Dunlap

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What a great Downtown shout-out in the current issue of Folio Weekly! Here’s an excerpt from Michael Dunlap Is Thankful for Artists’ Collaboration:

“I am grateful that the Downtown core has made substantial progress over the last decade; for example, Art Walk is celebrating 10 years of success. Constituent elements of a great Downtown are falling into place: a diverse 24/7 urban core, vibrant street life, a cross section of housing (with price ranges for all), many new cafés, strong nightlife on Bay Street, 43,000 parking spaces (more than four Disney World parks), a spattering of retail, and major business investment. Shad Khan’s investment in the Laura Street Trio will change everything, not to mention the $20 million investment in the Haydon Burns Library adaptive re-use by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund.”

DVI is thankful for all our artists and entrepreneurs, creators and voices, investors and doers in Downtown Jacksonville who are essential to this progress! Visit Michael and his fellow collaborators, and celebrate the visual arts in Jacksonville at Southlight Gallery.