#DTJax Awards: Johnny Duckett, Downtown Ambassador of the Year

Left to Right: Jake Gordon, Johnny Duckett, Coty Hoskins, Numa Saisselin

The award for Downtown Ambassador of the Year recognizes a Downtown Ambassador who goes the extra mile to keep Downtown a clean, safe and hospitable environment. This year, the award has been presented to an individual who is an essential member of the team, and has been for the past few years: Johnny Duckett. Johnny was selected due to his hard work, person-ability and passion for his job. Johnny is always willing to take on more work and does so with a smile on his face.

Johnny was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL and previously worked as an Ambassador from 2012-2015, as a Clean Ambassador. Johnny only returned to us last year and it seems as though he never left. From his continued hard work as a Clean Ambassador, Johnny was soon after given the opportunity to join the Safety/Hospitality team.

If you ever hope to run into Johnny’s smiling and loving self, there are many places you can catch him in #DTJax. You can spot Johnny at the Skyway stations, in Main Street Park at lunchtime or on the corner of Main and Adams in the evenings. If you walk past that corner after work, you probably already know how great Mr. Duckett is.

One thing that Johnny truly values about his job is the relationships he has formed with his coworkers, Downtown employees, business owners and anyone else who happens to pass by him. Congratulations, Johnny!

Thank you so much to the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville for sponsoring this award, along with providing gifts for the entire ambassador team.

Click here for more information on the Downtown Ambassador Program.

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Downtown Vision Jacksonville Awards 2020 from Birdman Filmworks on Vimeo.