DVI applauds Cummer’s support for Downtown

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens recently hosted an evening with business and community leaders to showcase the museum’s renovations and to discuss the museum’s larger role in Downtown revitalization efforts.

Hope McMath, the museum’s director said, “I think everybody’s always sort of envisioning that we need to strengthen the core of Downtown, which we do, and push [energy] out. I think we all owe Downtown the help of pushing it in.”

DVI Executive Director Terry Lorince

I could not agree more with Hope. Much of the energy within our core is driven through the arts – Art Walk, our museums, public art installations and people who genuinely appreciate what Downtown has to offer. I’d like to encourage more of our community leaders and arts advocates to embrace this mentality of “pushing energy into Downtown.”

Often times, it can be as simple as enjoying a dinner Downtown after a museum event. But rather than waiting for Downtown to organically reinvent itself, let’s take a more holistic approach and all work together to push positive energy into Downtown.

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