DVI releases Annual Report

photoThis month, DVI released its 2012-2013 Annual Report sharing the year’s accomplishments by staff and the Downtown Ambassador team. New this year, DVI outlined its goals for the year to come. Here’s a sneak peak:

Goal #1: Leadership through strategic alliances and advocacy.
As the premier organization that is focused exclusively on the success of Downtown, we are dedicated problem solvers determining holistic and sustainable solutions for Downtown. DVI enlists agencies, businesses and organizations to collectively accomplish common tasks that are needed to drive Downtown revitalization.

Goal #2: Enhance the urban environment to make Downtown more welcoming.
Downtown Vision, Inc. leads initiatives to create and maintain quality public places that are clean, safe, environmentally friendly and socially engaging to make Downtown more walkable and to grow its café culture.

Goal #3: Tell the story of Downtown Jacksonville.
We keep the community informed on Downtown’s unique events and offerings.

Goal #4: Act on behalf of Downtown stakeholders to improve the condition of Downtown.
Jacksonville’s overall image is judged largely on the condition of its Downtown. The more vibrant Downtown becomes, the more Downtown will be attractive to businesses, investors, a diverse work force and visitors. The success of Downtown directly impacts overall property values, job creation and the local economy.

Goal #5: Guarantee long-term organizational operations.
In order to continue and build upon the work that we have undertaken since 2000, a healthy and sustainable organization is necessary.

View the complete Annual Report here.