Folio Weekly: Do You Identify with Downtown?

Thanks to JAX2025, Downtown Jacksonville is as hot a topic as ever.

The community-wide survey results were released last Saturday at the first of several community visioning events and cited Downtown as the number one issue respondents would like to see improved. This week’s Folio Weekly issue delves into into these findings. Here is an excerpt from, “Do You Identify with Downtown? Fixing the core is the key to many issues,” an Editor’s Note by Denise M. Reagan:

“The people have spoken. At least 14,000 of them, anyway. And 62.6 percent of those are not satisfied with downtown Jacksonville.

This is according to the Jacksonville Community Council Inc.’s JAX2025 survey that asked people to rate many issues facing the city…

…Many people in Jacksonville and surrounding communities don’t see their connection to downtown. No doubt they are among the 19.1 percent who were neutral on the topic in the survey. But if you look at almost any successful big city, the suburbs proudly identify themselves as part of that city and are drawn to it through arts, sports, shopping and community events. This is what downtown Jacksonville could be: the hub around which a greater metropolitan area revolves.”

 Pick up a copy of this week’s Folio Weekly, or click here to read the full article. 

Make your voice heard about Downtown. The next JAX2025 community visioning event will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2013 from 9-11 a.m. at the Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center. Registration is free.