Gus and Company: new location, enduring family tradition


Walk into the shop at 228 W. Adams St. and you’re greeted with friendly smiles and the distinctive aroma of quality leather and shoe shine, three hallmarks of a tradition that began Downtown more than a century ago.

gregandleeFor the past 110 years, Gus and Company, a family-owned repair and alterations business, has brought convenience and expertise to patrons in Jacksonville with no intentions of stopping. They’ve recently changed locations Downtown to increase their client base and further build customer relationships.

The company specializes in repair work, dry cleaning and alterations. They now even offer online ordering to make life easier for their customers. The stores are handled by Greg and his son, Lee, the grandson and great grandson of the original Gus Felos.

In 1904, Gus had the idea of starting a repair shop and later passed it down to his two sons, Sam and Jerry. Since then, it has grown to multiple locations, with its main location Downtown, and is still a family-owned business.gusandcogroup

While the shop originally started on Bay Street, it has moved several times but never farther than a few blocks. When asked why they’ve kept the business Downtown for so many years, Lee said it’s their “loyal customers” that keep them going.

Greg and Lee believe businesses will always have challenges, including keeping up with high demands. “Our biggest obstacles right now are dry cleanings, alterations and helping people find our newest Downtown location,” said Lee.

guysandcowallHowever, Gus’s has its competitive advantages, setting it apart from similar businesses across the city. “We offer repair work on shoes, boots, handbags, belts, saddles and even SWAT harnesses,” Lee mentioned. In addition, Gus’s is one of the few places that offers specialized luggage repairs. The shop also offers exclusive leather goods, suitcases, hats and accessories for purchase.

“The thing we love the most about working Downtown is the people,” Greg said, “both from a
professional and personal standpoint.”

So the next time a heel snaps or a buckle breaks, check out Gus’s for your repair needs. Gus and Company is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville near the Duval County Courthouse.