Hungry Girl Chomp Chomps

Every time I visit my older sister in Denver, I’m continually impressed with the city.

We don’t eat at chain restaurants, we never do the same thing twice, and we always have a blast together.

My sister loves me and wants me to be happy –  she also wants me to be happy in Denver. One day, I wised up and realized this. She’s been trying to showcase her city for me, like a PR spokesperson for Denver. I often think about what would show her of  Downtown Jacksonville if I ever get her below the Mason-Dixon Line for a visit. As a Downtown lover and advocate, obviously I’d have a hard time picking my most favorite Downtown restaurant out of the seemingly endless list. There is, however, one in particular that I have a long timeline of obsession with.


Chomp Chomp is a Downtown institution, though many people wouldn’t know it because this locally-sourced eatery uses very little advertising. It’s a word-of-mouth type of place that always has a line out the door and never disappoints. It’s worth the wait!

If you’re lucky enough to get a table, do us all a favor and eat fast, because there’s usually a battle royale over the precious eating space; Chomp Chomp’s dining room is smaller than the closet in my first apartment, which is a serious accusation. Still incredibly worth it.

I have made the trek from the office to Chomp Chomp more times than I can count: in the sweltering heat (worth it), in uncomfortable shoes (worth it) and in the rain (did this yesterday; worth it).

Last week, I introduced my boyfriend, David, to Chomp Chomp. We got two entrees and two sodas for $15 as a part of Eat Up Downtown. He was impressed, and I was thrilled to be more knowledgeable than him about something.

Chomp Chomp newbie, David

Things I love about Chomp Chomp:
1. The homemade curry-seasoned potato chips.
2. The salad that makes me want to be the type of person that eats a lot of salads.
3. Their funky, colorful chalkboard menu.
4. Most entrées are a wallet-friendly $7 (accompanied by the aforementioned chips or salad).
5. It’s open super late on weekends for the bar-hopping crowd.
6. Locally-sourced food = good food that’s good for you.
7. It’s an Eat Up Downtown restaurant!

I think my sister has finally accepted that I’ve put down roots in the River City. When I finally get her down here, it’ll be my turn to play host, and I’ll have to pick some of my favorite Downtown spots to show off. Chomp Chomp will definitely make that list; after all, it’s worth it.

Plus, there’s great news for Chomp Chomp fans like myself. Eat Up Downtown has been extended an additional week, so you have plenty of time to pay this hidden gem a visit and enjoy some Downtown grub. Visit the Eat Up Downtown website for all the nitty gritty details, but, most importantly, get off the Internet and go Eat Up Downtown!