Adaptive Reuse: The Bostwick Building

Tonight, City Council will entertain public hearings on the Mayor’s $9 million investment plan for Downtown and the mobility fee moratorium. Discussion on the Bostwick Building, however, continues to be deferred at the request of the property owners, but is still scheduled to be on the March 5 Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) Committee agenda.

In light of this, we thought we’d revisit the Bostwick discussion with this excellent design exploration from our friends over at Content Design Group showcasing one option for adaptive reuse:

Urban facelift rendering by Content Design Group

 “This urban facelift obviously just shows one way to save the building, keeping the facade and putting in new windows and doors, adding another steel structure to the walls and roof on the interior, and adding a roof deck with bar. This is the most expensive reuse of the building. Another way to save it, would be to only save the facade and build a new separate building on the interior of the lot. Would make a fantastic outdoor space between the shell of the old and the new.”

Full article and more renderings here.