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Terry Lorince, DVI executive director
Terry Lorince, DVI executive director

We couldn’t agree more with this piece from on our fearless leader:

Cheers: Terry Lorince deserves praise

Fri, Jan 23, 2015 @ 9:55 am

“As Downtown Vision Inc.’s longtime leader, Terry Lorince has made a true impact in our city’s ongoing quest to revive downtown.

Lorince has had a success in helping the city bring new businesses downtown. But she’s been vocal about the need to retain and enhance downtown’s existing businesses.

She has forthrightly addressed the issue of downtown homelessness by developing solid partnerships with area homeless advocates. But Lorince has also fiercely defended downtown against lazy critics who define it as merely a haven for the homeless.

All of these accomplishments and many more add up to a great legacy for Lorince. And it’s a legacy worth saluting now that Lorince has announced her resignation after 14 years with Downtown Vision Inc. Cheers to Lorince!”

During her 14-year tenure as executive director, Lorince led the organization in numerous accomplishments including; advocating for development and improvements in the core of Downtown, including the riverfront and historic preservation, making Downtown Jacksonville cleaner, safer and friendlier through a seven-day-a-week Ambassador service, marketing Downtown Jacksonville to developers, and individuals interested in living and working Downtown, leasing more than 50,000 sq ft of space to artists through the Off the Grid initiative, holding a co-working demonstration with the group that would go on to found CoWork Jax, and implementing award-winning special events and promotions such as the First Wednesday Art Walk, Downtown’s first Farmers Market, Eat Up Downtown, the Out to Lunch concert series, Movies in the Park, and the Historic Church Tour.

“I can’t think of anyone who has been able to do more with less to impact the core of our community,” said Oliver Barakat, DVI board member and Downtown Investment Authority board chair. “So much of her and her team’s work has been done behind the scenes to attract and keep businesses Downtown, and she’s the first one to share the credit.”

“Terry has been a driving force in Downtown Jacksonville’s revitalization, championing growth through Downtown’s ups and downs,” said DVI board chair Debbie Buckland. “We are indebted for her leadership and unyielding passion for the heart and soul of Jacksonville. She leaves us well positioned to carry on our work to create and support a vibrant Downtown community in this exciting time of progress.”

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