Living Downtown: Allison Galloway at The Carling

For the past year and a half, Allison Galloway has called The Carling home. As MOCA Jacksonville‘s director of education, Allison’s commute is a quick walk of a few city blocks, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. We spoke with Allison recently about why she loves her urban-core home:

Allison Galloway

Why did you choose to live Downtown?

My work is right around the corner, and I thrive in a lively urban environment. I enjoy being in the middle of it all: city government, big business, local stores, access to riverfront activities, museums, theater and unique restaurants.

What do you love most about living Downtown?

The “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” feeling as I go about my day! I live in a historic building where I know and like my neighbors. In my building, I’ve gotten to know people who are lawyers, work for the City, have families, are nurses, personal trainers and bail bondsmen. What a fun variety!  Every day to and from work, I say “hello” to my favorite shop owners by name, and when I head to Burrito Gallery, they know I’m there for a cold Newcastle. The Cheers theme song is running through my head most days.

What do think is the biggest misperception about Downtown?

That it is unsafe. I am a single, 33-year-old woman who has lived in major cities in the U.S. and Europe. I have encountered my share of scary situations and none of them while living in Downtown Jacksonville!

The Carling lobby

Do you have favorite Downtown activities?

MOCA events, Chamblin’s, Burrito Gallery, Indochine, Dos Gatos, the Artist Series and the Jacksonville Symphony are my main entertainment venues. I love my hair stylist, Ivey, at Daniel James Salon. If I’m craving ice cream, I head to the shop in the Landing for a banana split. To work it off, I can walk to Riverside Arts Market and back on a Saturday.

For someone who’s looking to move to another part of the city, why would you recommend Downtown?

There is no other city even close to this size where you could afford such a spectacular living situation. Take advantage while you can!

Anything else to add?

I gave up my car eight months ago and can’t believe how great it is.  The cost of a taxi ride or rental car every now and then is nothing compared to a car payment, car insurance and gas every month. More money for other activities!


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