Meet our Downtown Ambassadors: Beverly Waters

By Hana Ashchi, DVI Intern

photo 1 (4)
Downtown Ambassador Beverly. Photos by DVI.

For the past four years, a small but mighty tornado has transformed the Downtown area right before your eyes. “Tornado,” also known as Downtown Ambassador Beverly Waters, enjoys making Downtown a better place. Just like that strong force of nature, Beverly is known to quickly pick up tasks and shake them off her checklist, with an ever-present smile on her face.

Beverly first started off as a part-time safety Ambassador and then worked her way up into a cleaning position and was finally promoted to a full-time supervising Ambassador.

“I like to consider myself more of a hands-on supervisor and do more labor out in the area,” Beverly said. “I like meeting people and this job has really allowed me to come out of my shell.”

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Beverly goes around and picks out any weeds in the area.

Beverly’s job consists of her going out to check the different Ambassador routes, assisting other Ambassadors, leading team meetings about three to four times a week, and caring for any trouble spots, including weeding.

“I like to go out and make things beautiful,” said Beverly.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Beverly grew up around the Downtown area. Beverly was a student at Concord Career Institute studying to be a surgical technician before she found out about the Downtown Ambassadors Program.

Beverly waves across the street to some Downtown locals.
Beverly waves across the street to some Downtown locals.

She had the same question we all had when we came across these folks in bright orange shirts: just exactly who are these guys? “I was curious and thought they looked very professional, so I was interested in the job,” said Beverly.

In her spare time, Beverly is a team leader for a children’s ministry and a loving mother and grandmother, helping her son raise his five children. She loves to go out to different restaurants in the Downtown area such as Le Shea’s Home Style Eatery, Clara’s Tidbits, Farah’s Uptown Deli and Big Pete’s. But if you ask her who takes the win in her book, it’s Big Pete’s and its delicious banana smoothies.

For more information on the Downtown Ambassador program, including hours of operation and services provided, visit — or keep an eye out for the “Tornado” next time you’re in the Downtown area.