Meet Our Downtown Ambassadors: Joshua

If you’ve seen the nice folks walking around Downtown Jacksonville wearing the bright orange shirts and jackets, you’ve seen the Ambassadors. These guys are here to help, and they’re here to stay. Meet Joshua Givins, a hospitality/clean and safe Ambassador who has been with DVI for almost three years. josh3

Born in Jacksonville, Josh still lives close to the Downtown core. Josh was originally working for a security company when he saw one of the Downtown Ambassadors and asked how he could get involved. He quickly applied and found his way in.

The Ambassadors use the Taylor-Dunn to transport heavy objects around Downtown.

“What I love most about this job is helping people in need,” says Josh. “My coworkers and I work very hard to make things happen and do our job.” Josh comes in to work each morning at 7 a.m. and leaves around 3 p.m. During his shift, he finds himself helping people in any way he can. He cleans up areas that have debris. He pressure washes buildings and makes sure people find their way around Downtown.

“I witnessed a car accident one time,” Josh said. “A woman hit a control box and I immediately called for help.” Quick to lend a helping hand or alert first responders, Josh’s day-to-day deeds make Downtown a better place. “Another time, I also saw a lady get hit by a car while I was watering the flowers,” he remembers. “First thing I did was call for backup.”

Keeping the vegetation hydrated is an essential part of maintaining Downtown’s beautiful scenery.

Last month, Josh was nominated for a ROSE Award – Recognition of Service Excellence – which recognizes Northeast Florida’s front line hospitality employees who demonstrate excellent customer service.  “I joked around about it with Bill, my boss,” he laughed. “I was happy to be nominated and recognized.” Although he didn’t win the award, having Josh patrol and maintain the streets is a win for DVI.

While he spends his days fighting crime and helping others, Josh plans to go to school to work in the Fire Department and become an EMT. When Josh isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his two children, a girl and a boy. He also likes to play basketball and football and is a huge Gator fan.