Nightlife Spotlight: Meet Your Neighbors at 1904 Music Hall

Like many good beginnings, the idea started on a cocktail napkin.

Brian Eisele, Duane DeCastro and Jason Hunnicutt

1904 Music Hall was the idea of three friends: Brian Eisele, Duane DeCastro and Jason Hunnicutt. They wanted to open a bar and focus on what they loved – live music and beer. Brian has a passion for quality beer, and Jason and Duane have musical backgrounds, so the power of the trio was the perfect combination for a new establishment Downtown.

You’ll find at least one of them behind the bar working each night. Stop in to get to know the guys and enjoy a cold one but, until then, read what Jason has to say about the bar and Downtown:

What brought you Downtown?

We looked at several locations before deciding on Downtown Jacksonville. We had options in Riverside, San Marco, Murray Hill and Springfield. Downtown just seemed to be the best fit with the historic buildings and tons of space to do what we wanted. In most major metropolitan cities, Downtown is the hub for entertainment and activity. In the early half of the 20th Century Downtown Jacksonville was a bustling entertainment hub with amazing national musicians and artists frequently stopping through. We saw the potential to bring our Downtown back to her former glory. We felt in some way Downtown Jacksonville needed us as much as we needed it.

What was your goal with 1904 Music Hall, and what’s the vibe like?

1904 Music Hall is a multipurpose room that takes pride in offering a unique environment for numerous entertainment needs. While our main focus is showcasing amazing live music, our room can lend itself to many different types of events and configurations depending on the need. In addition to an amazing stage, lighting and sound system, we feature an extensive beer and wine menu to be enjoyed either inside or in our outdoor courtyard. Our goal is to continue to bring great music Downtown as well as build the rest of Jacksonville’s awareness that there is a burgeoning entertainment district Downtown like nothing else Jacksonville has experienced.

Since 1904 Music Hall has been open, what’s your favorite show?

Brian – Any show Chroma has played
Duane – Emancipator
Jason – Bass in the City Music Festival

Aurora App’s Show at 1904

What’s your favorite thing about owning a bar Downtown?

The great thing about owning a bar Downtown is the camaraderie with the other bars and restaurant owners. We are all independent small business owners who know and respect the hard work it takes to keep our doors open. Most places would see this as competition, but the situation in Downtown Jacksonville is a bit different. I think we all agree that more people Downtown is good for everyone’s business. As Downtown grows and succeeds, we all rise with the tide. The Elbow entertainment district can be seen as a testament to the collaborative efforts of all the bar owners coming together for a bigger goal of getting people Downtown.

What are your other favorite things to do Downtown?

Other favorite things we enjoy doing Downtown are Art Walks, football and baseball games, Community First Saturdays and, of course, frequenting other bars and clubs for drinks and entertainment.

What do you do besides working at 1904 Music Hall?

Brian spends his time restoring his historic home he just bought in Riverside. Duane owns a manufacturing company as well as a health food and produce store called Kin Green Market. I am a Downtown resident and I enjoy playing music. I also own a natural gardening and hydroponic supply shop called Urban Organics in San Marco.

What’s next for 1904 Music Hall?

We are making plans to add a deck and seating in the courtyard behind the bar for the fall. We are also in the process of expanding our beer and wine selection and opening for happy hour during the week.

Anything else you’d like to add?


For more information on 1904 Music Hall – including upcoming events – visit and check out its Facebook.