Nightlife Spotlight: Where rock n’ roll meets Downtown

Local advocate and founder of the Jax Truckies, Mike Field described Dos Gatos perfectly, “If the devil ever opened a bar that featured fine handcrafted cocktails and other assorted debauchery, he’d probably summon the proprietors of Dos Gatos to give the dark lord advice on what to do.”

Recently recognized by The Guardian UK, Dos Gatos was named Top 10 bars in Florida.

The word “awesome” doesn’t do Dos Gatos justice because it’s so much more. If you haven’t experienced this bar, you need to put this on your to-do list immediately. While you’re at it, order the Le Pomme et Le Poire (say it in a French accent for full experience).Hear from the owner himself, Jason Albertelli:


How and when did Dos Gatos get started?

DG opened in 2009 and was the collaboration of years of thought and experience between myself and my wife, Joy.

Where did the name come from?

The name comes from the mural we discovered behind the bar when doing our build out.

What brought you Downtown?

We saw a similar Downtown renaissance in Los Angeles and saw the potential in Jacksonville to do the same.

Describe Dos Gatos. What was your goal with the vibe?

Rock n’ Roll cocktail lounge is the vibe. Within that, we focus on making great cocktails with superior service in a comfortable environment. We work hard to be Downtown’s neighborhood lounge, which is why we are open 365 days a year and provide a great product at a fair price.

Casey pouring drinks

What’s your favorite drink recipe?

My current favorite is The Kentuckian. I make a cardamom shrub (vinegar reduction basically) myself and add bourbon and some other magic. It’s serious business, but it’s fantastic.

What’s favorite thing about owning a Downtown bar?

We have a lot of fun. Jags games, concert after parties…we’re always rocking.

Dos Gatos

Other favorite thing about Downtown?

Eating. There’s a lot of solid choices, between Burrito Gallery, Indochine, Olio, Chomp Chomp, Pho. A Noodle Bar, La Cena…I could go on.

Besides owning Dos Gatos, what else do you do?

I own a tattoo parlor art The Jacksonville Landing, River City Tattoo, and I’m also the operating partner of The Shim Sham Room at Jacksonville Beach.

Anything else you want to add?

There’s more to come. Promise.

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