One Spark by the Numbers

Photo by DVI
Photo by DVI

Pull up a chair. If you’re not already, you might want to sit down for this.

The more than 260,000 people who packed the 20 blocks of One Spark April 9-13 is equivalent to two full days of attendance at all four Disney World theme parks.

Upwards of 90,000 of that crowd rode the Skyway during the festival’s five days, matching the Jacksonville Super Bowl numbers across six days.

DVI’s Downtown Ambassadors assisted more than 650 pedestrians; logged 335 miles on bicycles and Segways; and worked an additional 42 hours.

Intuition Ale Works, One Spark’s official beer supplier, sold 260 kegs of beers. The week after the festival, restaurants/bars only received Intuition’s I-10, as One Spark sold all of Intuition’s stock for every other beer.

Burrito Gallery had the best day in its history that Saturday with more than 1,500 order-tickets placed with an average of one to five items per ticket. A typical Saturday sees about 400 tickets placed.

Grease Rags Clothing Co. saw about 150 people an hour come through its doors that Friday and Saturday. The shop also made a month’s worth of sales across the five-day festival.

On Twitter, more than 83 million impressions occurred during the festival’s five days alone based on tweets using #OneSpark or @BeOneSpark.

More than 50 sponsors and partner organizations helped make the festival a success.

You don’t have to dig too deeply to learn that One Spark 2014 lit up Downtown and burned through the record books. Check out this recently released graphic* of even more impressive statistics that further tell the festival’s story:

Graphic provided by the One Spark team.
*Graphic above provided by the One Spark team.

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