We Took the Heart of Downtown Pedal Pub Tour!

We took the Heart of Downtown Pedal Pub Tour this weekend and it was amazing!

Pedal Pub Jax

Pedal Pub Jax is a new tour company based in Downtown Jacksonville! Hop on one of their Dutch party bikes, handcrafted in the Netherlands, and cruise around Downtown, Springfield or Riverside.

We met at their Bay Street location and got all checked in. The safety rules were given to us and then we were ready to roll.

Safety First!

The Pedal Pub staff has done an incredible job of keeping the bikes extra clean! They have received their SanSee Shield Certification for upholding high safety and hygiene standards. The bike is wiped down between stops and riders are given hand sanitizer wipes to refresh each time they hop back on.


Bring your own drinks onto the Pedal Pub for sipping while you pedal! There are coolers on board to keep your refreshments chilled.

First Stop: Bold City Brewery

Our team is no stranger to Bold City Brewery. We stopped in and were greeted by Will, the bar manager and friend of DVI! We enjoyed a much deserved rest from biking and grabbed a beer. While you can’t bring open containers from bars back to the Pedal Pub, you can purchase Crowlers at breweries to be opened on the bike.

Next Stop: Intuition Ale Works

We made the journey down Bay Street to brewery number two, Intuition Ale Works. We enjoyed the rad atmosphere and incredible selection of craft brews. The seasonal sours were definitely a group favorite.

Final Stop: Super Food and Brew

A glass of wine and an appetizer at Super Food and Brew ended the excursion in the most #DTJax way possible! We love this delicious lunch and dinner spot so much. The mac and cheese balls were a crowd favorite and quickly disappeared.

We highly recommend this extra special experience for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday bashes or celebrations of any kind.

We loved meeting everyone on the Pedal Pub team. Extra special thanks to our Beerless Leader Carlos!

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