Quirky Eats in #DTJax

We ‘re celebrating Culinary month and we wanted to shine a light on some quirky restaurants around #DTJax. Now, what makes a restaurant or cafe “quirky”? The definition of quirky is “strikingly unconventional or unusual in  an appealing way”.  So if you’re craving more variety, are tired of going to the same restaurants and cafes, then check out this list we’ve put together!



Nature’s Table| TIAA Bank Center- 301 W. Bay Street

 It’s summertime and we all strive to be healthy and active but healthy doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice great taste. Head over to Nature’s table were they strive for “ a blend of the traditional and the new, healthy and indulgent”.

You and your family can order great food from their menu, like gourmet wraps ,toasted sandwiches, signature salads and flavorful protein bowls. Their food is unique and healthy, but what makes them quirky is that their cups are eco-friendly and they are partnered with a charity called Feeding Children Everywhere. Nature’s table has several locations and for more information about hours of operation,  visit their website.



Urban Grind| 45 W. Bay Street

 The best way to start off your morning is with a fresh cup of coffee. Urban Grind is a quiet  and quaint cafe where you can relax by yourself or get coffee and catch with friends. Enjoy the rustic vibes and greenery at Urban Grind, that’s open Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

People mainly go here for coffee but they are also known for their fresh gourmet sandwiches, soups or fresh salads. This place will definitely make you feel happy and relaxed. For more information about the; hours of operation, visit their website.






Happy Grilled Cheese| 219 N. Hogan Street

If you are a lover of cheese, then the Happy Grilled Cheese is the place for you! This cute restaurant offers the most creative and delicious grilled cheese combinations as well as soups and salads.

No need to explain why this place is on the quirky list; this is a grilled cheese paradise and the combinations are endless.They’re open Monday through Friday, 11.a.m. to 3.p.m. Visit their website for catering options and more.





Magnificat Cafe| 231 N. Laura Street

 If you’re craving a taste of Paris in #DTJax, ownerChef Benoit has created Magnificat Cafe that features delicious french cuisine and desserts. This place is quirky because there are not a lot of french cafes around downtown. Their menu includes but is not limited to quiches, wraps, and homemade desserts ;they also have a vegan menu!

Go to Magnificat Cafe’s website for delivery options and more. Bon-appetit!  



Olio301 E. Bay Street

Another sandwich shop you should stop by while in #DTJax is Olio.  Located in The Elbow and, what makes them quirky is that they were featured on the Travel Channel’s “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America” for their Duck Grilled Cheese (pictured).

Olio strives for organic ingredients and quality food. Their menu features fish tacos, soups, salads, and quiches, open Monday through Friday from 8.a.m. to 3.p.m. but are closed on the weekends. If you are in a rush, visit their website to order online.



Urban Food Court| 32 S. Hogan Street

If you don’t have time to sit at a restaurant but still want cool and innovative food on the go, you should stop by the urban food court. The food trucks vary from day to day, includingChubby BurritoRite on QueBlazin Azn and much more! A very unique or quirky spot to get your lunch, because you can taste different foods all at once. They are open Monday through Friday 11a.m. to 2p.m. Check out their facebook page  to see what food trucks will be in the lineup for the day.




Element Bistro Bar & Lounge333 E. Bay Street

Get a taste of the four elements Earth, Air, Water and Fire through food and drinks at  Element Bistro Bar & Lounge. Inspired by the concept of the elements in Buddhism, enjoy  a sensory experience created by Chef Martin and her crew. Everything about this place is quirky; not only can you eat, but you can also go dancing with friends at Myth Nightclub!

Head over to Element Bistro for lunch, dinner and  happy hour. Visit their website for more information.






Gili’s Kitchen| 126 W. Adams Street

Gili’s kitchen can  definitely be defined as quirky. Chef Gili aims to create the most authentic Kosher cuisine by making fresh meals daily and constructing holiday and shabbat menus that are available throughout the year! Stop by their new location Monday through Friday and Sunday. Visit their website for directions and hours of operation.






Spliff’s Gastropub: 15 N. Ocean Street

 If you’re ever walking around The Elbow, make your way to  Spliff’s Gastropub. Their menu features their award winning mac & cheese, sandwiches, rice bowls and craft beers. It’s  the perfect place to hangout with friends or if your craving a late night snack. Open Monday through Sunday from 6 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., you can visit their website for more information. 




Super Food and Brew| 11 E. Forsyth Street

Another affordable and healthy restaurant is called Super Food and Brew, where they serve  food “ with Passion and a Purpose”. This gastro-pub-style spot serves over 50 artisan brewsand is open for lunch and dinner with dine-in, take out and delivery available. Plus, they offer vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. Visit their website for directions and hours of operation. 


Now that you know about these spots around #DTJax, go experience them for yourself!





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