The Connector: A Bold Solution

Jax Connector from Greenhouse Studio on Vimeo.

Jacksonville is a city unlike any other. Her large boundaries capture dozens of unique neighborhoods. Geographically extensive, culturally rich and naturally beautiful, sometimes the attributes that set Jacksonville apart are the attributes that pull her residents apart.

Seventeen miles and two major bodies of water separate Jacksonville hot spots at the Beaches and The Elbow. Locals aren’t just missing out on the newest bar or their favorite band Downtown – they aren’t experiencing the full spectrum of Jacksonville.

Sometimes, we want to step outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes, we want to explore our hometown. Sometimes, we want a different view.

Sometimes, people see a problem and work together for a solution.

The folks at Void Magazine and The Elbow look at the gap between these two areas of town and see a big-picture solution: The Connector. The Connector will be a private transportation solution, a bus service connecting the 17 miles between these two cultural points on Jacksonville’s map.

Here are the nitty-gritty details of this endeavor:

  • Two luxury buses will make a circuit across this divide, with stops at the Jacksonville Beach Pier and The Elbow.
  • The Connector will be an affordable solution: $5 one-way and $8 round trip.  A cab ride between the two stops would cost about $40 plus tip. The average DUI: $10,000.
  • The Connector will run Friday and Saturday nights from 7 p.m.-2 a.m., as well as during special events (like First Wednesday Art Walk).

The Connector needs our support to become reality – a service for the community, The Connector will be funded by the community.  A crowdfunding campaign has been set up, with great perks for being generous. Every penny goes towards bridging this 17-mile gap, every dollar says that, in The Bold New City of the South, bold ideas are welcome and rewarded.

This venture will benefit Downtown nightlife, restaurants and residents, and continue the momentum that has been building in the urban core.  What more could we ask for this holiday season but the gift of connection Downtown?