A New Uber-Exciting Way to Get Around Downtown

When luxury taxi service Uber announced its River City debut, a couple of us took the opportunity to get around Downtown in a new way. We decided to take a trip to our Riverside neighbors Bold Bean Coffee Roasters to score high-quality espresso in style. What followed was a photo-worthy adventure.


The Uber app is simple to use, the drivers are courteous, and the cars are always clean. Here’s a few highlights of the service:

  • Each Uber driver and car goes through an approval process and is held to the high standards of Uber.
  • The entire taxi-hailing process is done via app. You can see on a map in real-time where each available Uber cab is located.
  • Once you choose a car for a ride, your confirmation includes information about the driver and car, and the car is not visible to anyone else.
  • Your driver will call when they approach your pick-up location, so there’s no need to wait outside or flag down a car.
  • When it’s time to pay, there’s no need to dig around for cash or hand over your credit card; everything is done securely through your phone.
  • Pricing is based on a base fare of $3, your speed and distance, so no stressing when you get caught in a traffic jam.

While chatting with our driver, Jonathan, he mentioned a couple ways Uber could benefit Downtown residents and workers:

  • Have a meeting on the other side of the urban core, and don’t feel like braving the weather? Uber will get you there quickly and stylishly.
  • Need a ride home from a Jags game or The Elbow after a few drinks? Safety is their No.1 priority; in fact, Uber offered free rides during the Florida Georgia weekend.

1463050_741719053979_862468343_n    Uber
Uber Call    Uber3
Uber DT View     bold bean

Whether you’re on your way to an important business meeting, a Downtown lunch spot or just a coffee run, there’s no denying that Uber is an uber-cool way to go.