We Want More of This, Less of That

Next time you’re walking around Downtown and you see something you love …or something that needs work, get your smartphone out.

The City of Jacksonville has introduced “More of This, Less of That,” a campaign to create dialogue about our city’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. And all you need to do is snap and share a photo to participate.

If it’s a picture of something you like, tweet or post on Instagram with the hashtag #MoreOfThis, post it on the City’s Facebook page, or email it to If it’s something you don’t like, tweet or post on Instagram with the hashtag #LessOfThat, post on the City’s Facebook page, or email it to

So far, public art and events like the Jacksonville Jazz Festival and PB&J’s Pop-up Picnic make the “more” list.

Not surprisingly, vacant buildings and trash show up frequently on the “less” list.

For the fine print, you’ll want to check out the disclaimer regarding the use of submitted materials. And as always, if you wish to report an issue to the City of Jacksonville, you can do so online at, by emailing, or by calling 630-CITY at (904) 630-2489.