#DTJax. There’s an App for that!

We’re a tech-savvy city and now we’ve got an app to match! Have you ever found yourself looking for something to do, trying to find where to shop for something specific, get a Yelp review on a restaurant you haven’t tried or find information quickly on where to park Downtown? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, it’s time to download the #DTJax app. #DTJax has all this information and more. Read up on all the cool features our app has to offer, we don’t want you to miss out on anything!

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Download at iPhone Apple Store or the Google Play store.


Things to Do under Explore tab

What to Do

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the question always asked is: “What is there to do Downtown?” With the #DTJax app, you’ll have dozens of answers to that question. Click the Events tab located at the bottom of the app and you will find listings of all the events going on in the area pulled directly from Not only can you view the different events, you can also save them to your calendars and share them with friends via text or email.

Located under the Explore tab you’ll find the Things to Do section. Here, you’ll find our various directories for whatever you’re looking to do including dining, nightlife, galleries, churches, museums, parks and so much more. Each of these directories also feature walking or driving directions from your current location.

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Eat section under Explore tab

Even if you’re a Jax native, it’s hard to keep up with all the new places opening up in Downtown. If you’re always looking for somewhere new to dine, our Eat section will be your new best friend. Broken down by cuisine, each restaurant has geo-location capabilities for directions, easy access to the restaurant’s website and Yelp ratings and reviews, making #DTJax the first app of its kind with this feature. Pretty cool!

Along with the listings of restaurants, you can also find similar directories under the Explore tab including hotels, various shopping Downtown and locations of different services Downtown like ATM’s, banks and places for mailing and shipping.

How to Get Around

More tab
More tab

Every city is different but thanks to our Jacksonville Transit Authority, getting around is easier than you’d expect! With the #DTJax app, you’ll find a tab dedicated solely to transit options Downtown. This includes car and taxi services, car rentals, buses, the Skyway, plus a list of parking lots and garages.

Extra Features

In addition to all the elements listed above, the #DTJax app has so even more to offer users. Firstly, users can elect to receive push notifications to unlock special event updates, business promotions and find out the latest on new openings Downtown. The app also provides quick access to other Downtown Vision programs and information such as the Downtown Ambassadors, our weekly newsletter subscription and all you need to know about First Wednesday Art Walk!


Whether you’re here everyday, only come occasionally or just visiting for the weekend, everyone should download #DTJax. It’s free and has a great wealth of resources, all at the tip of your finger! So head to the Apple Store or Google Play now for a brand new #DTJax experience.