What the Proposed Parking Ordinance Means for Downtown

Solar-powered parking meters take credit cards and small change.

City Council is currently considering Ordinance 2012-674, which would modify the way that City-owned parking facilities are managed, allowing the City’s Public Parking Office with the flexibility to manage parking resources to best meet Downtown’s parking needs.

If approved, the Parking Office will be able to respond quickly to market conditions in order to be competitive with private parking facilities, provide for the most efficient use of City facilities, use parking as an incentive mechanism and achieve larger economic development and Downtown revitalization goals. Specifically, passage of this ordinance would mean that the City would be able to change parking meter and garage rates without approval of the City Council.

DVI supports the proposed ordinance, which will provide a more customer service oriented approach to public parking and will help to change the misperception that parking Downtown is difficult. Also, we agree that the Downtown Investment Authority should be the entity that reports and approves parking incentives and policy regarding rates and other items the legislation creates.