Why Coworking is Cool

By Mychael Taylor (@MychaelTaylor), community manager at CoWork Jax

Coworking is the future of work, if you haven’t been keepin’ up. Why? Because Forbes said so and because people are sick of working out of cubicles, from home in their pajamas or getting death stares from the barista at their local coffee shop. Lucky for you, Downtown is home to CoWork Jax, where local urbanites love to come to work and stay for the community. Coworking works well for people for a long list of reasons, but here are the top five reasons why coworking is cool (and why you should check out CoWork Jax):

#5 We have free coffee.

Not only do we have free coffee but free beer as well. So warm up in the morning, and cool down in the evenings. Whatever it is you do, do it here (as long as it’s not illegal and gross)!


#4 We have people.

If you’ve worked from home for any period of time, you know how important this really is. Working from home can make you feel isolated – and crazy. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever bounced ideas off your dog or Skyped in a business attire blouse with no pants on.) If you’re working out of a coworking space, you can work alone without actually being alone. You’re in a room full of passionate people like yourself! (And you’ll make some pretty great friends, too.) Listen to real CoWork Jax members tell real stories here.


#3 We have a hot meeting spot.

How many times have you asked your client to meet you at the local coffee shop because you “work from home”? Let’s get serious; coffee shops can get crazy and loud. Not to mention, you’re always two seconds away from a soccer mom dropping in for coffee with her screaming kid that’s begging for ice cream. Legitimize yourself, and use our meeting rooms. Professional, yet cool (and hip and urban and lofty!).


#2 We know people.

It’s not always what you know but who you know. And we’re in the know! We’re on your team (and so are your fellow coworkers), and we love to connect members with fellow entrepreneurs in our large alumni network. Coworking can lead to unexpected business connections and new ideas from collaboration. And that’s pretty cool.


#1 We have WiFi.

And that’s what the coffee shop doesn’t have – reliable Internet (and a printer). Say goodbye to the sign-in page. Drop in your local coworking space (CoWork Jax), and experience the joy of fast Internet and free printing.


*Not all perks are listed, including free candy, coloring tables and the food trucks that like to park across the street.


Thanks for reading – see you soon?

CoWork Jax is located on the second floor of 5 W. Forsyth St. in Downtown Jacksonville. For more information, visit